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I am pretty sure I have a virus Help!

I am new please help with possible virus

I am worried this might be a virus attacking my computer.

i believe my pc became friends with a virus

I do not have any viruses

I got a virus

i don't know what's wrong? windows 7 or virus

I got a virus that nobody else has. HJT log inside

I deleted a virus on my computer and want to make sure its gone

I have a virus problem is my personal computer

I have a Virus

I HAVE a Virus but Everyone tells me I dont (HELP)!

I have a vrius ><

I have a Virus and I don't know what it is

I have a virus that I am trying to fix myself.

I have 44 junk emails I suspect are being downloaded by malware infection

I have a virus that.

i downloaded a video and i think it was a virus.

i have found some or most of the infected files but some are embedded in my system

I Have virus trouble please help

i have a virus/spyware please look

I keep finding Trojans

I may have a virus please check

I may have a virus

I have a virus I cant fix

I Might Have a Virus

I have viruses and stuff on my PC

I have a virus on my computer that won't let me boot

I have big virus problems help please

I need help - think i have a virus

I Know I have a VIRUS

I really think I have a virus!

i need help with virus damage

I seem thave many possible viruses

i seem to have a virus--help please!

I think I have a Virus but not sure.

I think i may have picked up a Virus!

I think I have a virus and my computer is slow.

I think I have a virus and no idea what to do!

I think I have a virus. Help please?

I think I have bad Virus please help!

i think i have a virus in my com

I think I still have a virus?

I think I got a virus

I think I may have a virus

i think i got a virus can you help

i think ive got a vIrus

I think that I downloaded a virus

I seem to have a Virus Probem

i think i've a virus

I would like someone to walk me through removing trojans

I think I might have a virus or something. suspicious instant messenger behavior

I think that I have a virus

I think I've got a virus

I think i have a virus someone please help

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