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HP2540P goes blue screen when compiling dsdt and adding ram

hs is missing please help


i am having blue screen error and my computer restarts

I am getting the BSOD

I Cannot Start My Computer I Get A Blue Screen And It Restarts Plz Help Me!

I cant fix my Blue screen of death.

I can't get passed the BSOD

I can't seem to solve a BSoD issue.

I did it twice but bsod

I Get The BlueScreen System Dump And It Restarts

I got the blue screen

I get BSOD when I start my computer

i got a blue screen need help

I have a blue screen

I have a Blue screen problem!

I have a serious BSOD problem

I Have Blue Screen

I have Blue Screen problem!

I have bluescreen and need help

I have had blue sceens and trojans need to remove all

I keep getting a blue screen

I keep getting a blue screen with a error message on it

I keep getting blue screened over and over again.

I keep getting the blue screen every other day

i keep getting the blue screen

I just get a blue screen

I Love the Blue Screen of Death.computer shutting down all the time last 2 days

I log in and get blue screen of death

I keep getting the same code on my blue screen

i have recuring blue screens

I need help with a blue screen

I need help with the Blue Screen for Widows 7

i need immediate help bluescreen issue

IBM Think Pad T43 Shuts Down/cannot be turned on again unless Windows is reinstalled

IBM ThinkPad Laptop - Windows XP Blue Screen of DEATH

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