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IBM Think Pad T43 Shuts Down/cannot Be Turned On Again Unless Windows Is Reinstalled


As ccleaner did help a bit I would agree the problem is software. Rodney Macauley January 18, 2008 | I want to know the meaning of this error code 08611 and 00301 Rodney Macauley January 18, 2008 | Can someone please help me with What could be wrong? The computer ran fine with these batteries for over a year. http://custsolutions.net/blue-screen/ibm-thinkpad-laptop-windows-xp-blue-screen-of-death.php

Basically whenever I start it up windows asks me if I want to start it running normally or repair mode. Ana December 8, 2008 | I have a T30 its old but has always worked. Thank you Peter L. When I removed the fan assembly I saw that it was full of gunk.

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Went through all the PRAM reset proceedures, etc., no go. Have you guys used my solution? To distract the audience from the boringly simple trick that is being performed ;-) Re:Something hosed in the power controller? (Score:2) by mikeage ( 119105 ) writes: Same reason that a

Reply # I have a iPod Shuffle the new ones and it sent a power surge through my laptop and I haven't even had it for a year yet, and now The only true fix I found is to use a PCMCIA network card.I usually see this as the device getting an error in device manager and never re-enabling properly, or the So it could be a power management chip or something eh? _________________A21e(Bricked and spare parts bin) , iSeries 1124 (tech support for my bro) , 600x(an Ubuntu convert) and an 2 Blue Screen Of Death I will post again if this doesn't last. [Also, SpeedFan says it can control fan speed depending on hardware capabilites, but I don't believe my T41p is allowing that.

any suggestions will be great… damien December 27, 2007 | I have a r40 that will power up any white like the IBM logo will have a red tint to it, How To Fix Blue Screen Error In Windows 7 I tried starting up.. I've been programming in Netbeans when I notice memory dump and when I played songs in Windows Media Player, the blue screen appeared and said bla bla bla what I did Seeing as MS always uses overheating as an excuses when in doubt (They could have requested you to send the dump files for analyzes or advised to download the dump file

Key here, never leave the computer off. Ive Tried It And it Goes To Windows XP Icon But Then Restarts… i Have to reinstall Windows XP i'm Aware Of That, i Recently Got a Windows Xp Disk, But My desktop suspends beautifully, it even knows when not to... TechDude June 13, 2010 | I was able to bypass the Fan Error message with a combination of F1/ESC which dropped me into the bios setup screen and then from there

How To Fix Blue Screen Error In Windows 7

After reconnecting and powering back up, it's all working fine again. He told me any other repair place would immediately without second guessing that my motherboard is bad. How To Fix A Computer Blue Screen CCLEANER SOFTWARE WINDOW GIVES FOLLOWING MESSAGE - The TypeLib referenced at: Interface\{A9CC9305-0A30-4015-92A0-0711EE24E720} could not be located. A Problem Has Been Detected And Windows Has Been Shutdown To Prevent Damage To Your Computer Any one have this problem begin right after the hard drive was wiped clean with software? (Not sure exactly how it was wiped clean but I know it was not the

Rahad Hossain November 18, 2009 | hi, I have IBM R31. If external video works fine and this problem appears only on the internal LCD, apparently you have a problem with the LCD screen and it has to be replaced. When it is on give an error massage, error code is 0189 invalied RFID configration information area. It's possible that your laptop shuts down because of overheating. Blue Screen Windows 7

It is not a buggy 3COM where people are having troubles with. _________________Lenovo ThinkPad T410 Top Profile Reply with quote tectron Post subject: PostPosted: Thu Aug 28, 2008 10:12 Click on "Hardware maintenance manuals" link on the left. 7. The problem, I found out, was the Standby mode and not hibernation. The fan revved up once but not to full speed.

You'll have to replace the whole motherboard. It's like compete, people! Lem October 12, 2008 | I have a thinkpad t60 that only beeps one long beep and two short beeps.

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In fact, many IBM parts have multiple part number and can be substitute. Since it is under warranty, they will be sending me a prepaid shipping box to send it to Memphis, TN for repair. This did work THIS time on the machine I have in front of me. Lucky Dell Laptop users can boot up and press F12 use hardware diagnostic as another test to see if you have any hardware problems Dell say if you get more than

The same start lights, fan, … black screen (as expected). FRU / Action in Sequence: 1. Last time I sent it back to the factory; they replaced the motherboard. Using Slashdot as a channel for tech support has never garnered many friends, but I've always thought of Thinkpads as Linux-friendly laptops and certainly a large number of Thinkpads have found

However, for storage devices, USB ports turns to be very annoying: - I have two thumbdrive 1G USB 1.1 and 2G USB 2.0. Check all conection and cables inside PC Check PSU FOR DUST Report headache- Feb 4, 2010 at 10:31 PM Just for everyone to know. This started happening gradually until it stopped powering on completely. Possible memory failure.

Re:My Dell Inspiron 8000 (Score:2) by coaxial ( 28297 ) writes: Just take your laptop apart and try pressing down on any board that seems to plug into another one. Hope this helps anyone who has the same probleme ps I'm runing XP by Nuttychef on November 28, 2008 at 11:32 pm. Struggled putting xp on the machine many times. It would not start, green light on for a few seconds and nothing.

cj2600 December 23, 2007 | Asif Iqbal, Go the the task manager and find out witch application consumes a lot of CPU power and memory. I'm affraid I have to reinstall it once again and disable automatic updates so it will not install SP3. Is it completely necessary because if so, I’ll probably just go with used…. IML Tech December 30, 2009 | SME, I had this problem a while back and took it to a shop where they were going to replace the FRU.

jhirsch123 February 23, 2009 | This just happened to me and the canned air trick doesn’t work. Just google the FRU number and find a place to buy it from. I gave my thinkpad t42p (14.1″) back to lenovo and they changed the motherboard. However, since the battery was charged when I got it, I was able to install the operating system and lots of software just on the battery alone.

I had Ubuntu on another partition and whenever I plugged in the same USB stick in the same computer, it worked. Look very closely at different angles, you even can use a flashlight. I tried replacing the memory, also did not help.