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HPLaptop Windows7 64 bit on bootup-can't clik icons

I can't get past my desktop icons

I can't see any icons!

I can't assign keyboard shorcuts for desktop icons?

I have no taskbar or desktop icons (moved from XP)

I lost my original Desktop.

i want vista gone!

Iam not able to find my Desktop Items

Icon Arrangement

I want a "SEARCH" icon on my desktop.is that possible?

Icons becoming Plain White in Windows 7

icon graphic wont sitck?

icon display on desktop suddenly change

Icons changing

Icons Flickering

Icons disappear from desktop

icons have disappearing faces

Icons went bland

Icons keep moving

Icons on Desktop problem

Icons Move Around on Desktop

Icons keep rearanging from were i want them

icon missing

Icons keep rearranging every now and then

icons will not stay in place after restart

Icons moving

Icons on the desktop moving

Icons migrating following start or reboot

icons disappear on the right side of desktop

Icons Missing.

Icons srcewed up in Vista

icon vanished

icons dissappear

Icons not in alpha order

Icons do not stay in place

Icon Vanished from Desk Top

icons disappearing

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