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HP Reduces Print Of Original Item Copied?

HTL log computer infected with viruses and spyware

html/ftp question

HP1012 workgroup printing issue

HT Log (I think it's clean)

http://vv3.i1.topx.cc/ Redirect Problem

HT Log after long spell w/o anti-virus

HP Win 7 Infected

http://netshagg.com=spyware in their stuff

HP Tech Sup Says I have a VIRUS

HP Toner Cartridges Gripe and Questions

HTTP is now only HTTPS

html: hyperlinks

HUGE FPS problem

huge spyware/malware problem

Huge Popup Problem

Huge Malware problem

HUGE Spam problem in OE. Help

HP xe783 - XP Pro and Hard Drive size

Hyperlink editing

Huuge Spam Problem! 100-200 Spam Emails A Day!

Hyperlink flash file to html file

HveU-Open a Toshiba laptop

Hyperlink Help

Https site blocked?-Help me please

Hw do I set up start up

Huge pictures In email

I am being bombarded

hyperlink Question (Dreamweaver)

I am full of Adware!

Hyperlinking to folder on share drive in Excel

i am having an instilation problem with a DLL.

Hyperlinking your desktop?

I added a new mobo

hyperlinked Words


Huge Speaker favor guys thanks!

Hybernate Problem

Hyperlinks to 2007 documents

I am being attacked by spyware adware! help please!

I am getting Amaena like popup adds.

I am getting an extra page

Hyperlink on desktop?

i am a ditz

I am still infected? and how can I clean all this

i belive i have a keylogger virus plz help

I belive im infected with a keylogger

Huge spyware problem

I am pretty sure I have a keylogger

i am using a program called Dc plus plus

I believe my CPU is dead and I don't know how to find a replacement

I am getting password to enter. please help while logging in

i believe my pc is infected

I believe I have a rootkit

I believe I have a Virus.

I am shutting down during antispyware/malwarebytes

I believe I have Malware in my PC! Please help!

I believe my computer has some sort of virus

I aVirus restart the pc over and over I am lucky to be able to post this.

I am getting bad pop-ups

I am stupid and messed up my Registry

i am having problems with malware frequently coming

I bought a used computer at work and I think I killed it!

I blocked an important APP with Mcafee 2005

I bridged my router and I can't reconfigure it!

I believe AT&T is illegally throttling my connection.

I can burn cdr but not cdrw? (Hp9100)

I can only get online in SM W/ Networking

Hyperlink options different in word vs outlook

hw to stop any application running in the background at the startup

I can connect to the net by 56k modem

I cannot access my router

I am getting pop-ups like made. Can somebody please help? Here is my log

I Believe I Had a Keylogger

I added a second hard drive to my computer not knowing there was a trojan vir

I believe malware is causing several issues

i am stuck with trojan horse

i believe my computer is broken for good :( PLEASE HELP!

I cannot access the configuration page.

i am infected with spywear

I cannot get rid of spyware

I am unable to un-install MSN Photo Upload Control

I can not partition my laptop hard drive.

I cannot download anti-virus or anti-malware programs.(logs included)

i can remove a virus any scannner.

I can rip cd's but not burn them

I cannot connect to my router and i have internet issues.

I cant Arrange icons by name!

I can't copy/paste a word doc or folder.

I cannot stop all these popups

I cannot connect to VPN with more than one computer via wireless router.

hyperlinks in emails

I Can't Close Programs!

I can't burn movie files to dvd using nero

I can't connect to my router

I believe my computer is infected.

I can't open a word document- PLEASE help me- its A-level coursework due in TOMOROW!

I cant get rid of this toolbar

I can share my computers interenet with others but not printers

I can't export pst files from Microsoft Outlook - please help!

I can't get rid of this virus!

i cant get rid of pop-ups

I cant remove this virus!

I can't get this keylogger off!

i cant remove malware and virus on my compuer

i can see and play files off cds but cant copy them

I can't play games on XP - save me!

i canĀ“t remove this spyware

I cant get rid of these threats - Help needed

I can't remove these popups! Please help!

I Cant Copy This CD . it has hight Security.

I can't get windows 8 release preview on my dell computer

I can't select all the hair!

I can't execute a java file from the command prompt.

I can't sign into the router

I Cant Solve My Problem

I can't see my folder option icon in Tools

I can't seem to get a GameJolt game to work correctly (please help)

i can't delete the worm? help for computer illiterate!

I cant have my Window Messenger automatically log in

I cannot run or un/install antivirus or adware software

I can't turn off spooling in my printer

I can't get rid of gator

I can't seem to keep this computer clean

I Crap I Need Help!

I cant get rid of my anti-virus! It's like a virus itself!

I can't get rid of my hackers

I can't unistall a wrong driver from my DVD RW

I believe I might have installed malware on my computer by mistake- please help me.

i cant get rid of this porn

I click on an email and a spam shows up instead.

I ccan't figure out how to install my CD-ReWritable!

I deleted wrong file now i cant play my games.

I cant get rid of the search paga banner on top of my browser window

I deleted my d- drve and need help

I can' logg into my router

i cant remove a malware

I cannot respond to Craigslist

I disabled the display in bios now there is nothing.

I deleted something!

I can't copy/paste within Firefox.

i dnt know how to open my web cam?

I don't have a bluetooth driver and device manager on my windows xp

I can't view a video that I captured from my camcorder

i dont know how to remove worm viruses

I dont know how to use telnet

I don't know what I have- virus? malware? help please?

i do not know how to get rid of this virus

I don't have an export option in Outlook 2007

I can't seem to get my Computer Case Open.

i dont have regedit

I Destroyed My Daughter's Computer(It's Inoperable) - Help Please !

I done with everyhting how do i format my computer

I Can't write to a CD Rewritable

I fear I have Trojans and a lot more

I don't understand How to install anything at all in W8?

i dont know anything about networks

I don't know what to do! I have a couple of trogans on my computer?

I definitely have a keylogger

I don't want more than one boot option

I Downloaded A Virus.

I can't find the RUN button! Someone Please Help!

I cant remove a couple of spywares. please help me

I' getting a lot of emails I don't want and I don't know why.

I give up--Network Printer

i got a keylogger in my pc

I found spyware/virus not sure which

I don't know how to attach ONE DRIVE images to E-Mails

I get popups

I Had a keylogger

I Formated my computer

I get these weird popups

i don't think i know how bad my computer is

I don't know how to work a program

I don't get full speed on browsers with Wireless

I got virus in my system files ! please help

I edited my registry now i lag really bad. I NEED HELP!

I got Spyware and need to get rid of it.

I don't want SP2 installing.how can I remove it?

i got two viruses and cant removed NEED HELP!

I finally have Mozilla and a new problem

I got a gaming lag issue

I have 2 windows xp need to remove 1

I click restart

I don't know how to connect my computer to the internet!

I got a Spyware problem. I can see it! But a can't fix it!

I got popsrv146 today after viewing someone's link here.

I give up I want to delete everything!

I Got A Virus! Help Me!

I dont know to restart firefox and explorer

I don't know if it's possible to get rid of this virus. It's driving me nuts!

I got a virus I can't find or get rid of

I got the XP Security Tool Trojan

I Have a New Unwanted Taskbar

I had or have a keylogger

I connected to the wrong network and i'm now being hacked

I hate those popups!

I fiddled with a setting in MSConfig and now my PC won't start up

i deleted important caches and my internet isnt working right

I hate mouse hover thingy

I Got Virus/Adware after downloading something

I dont really know if there is a virus. But i cant stand this problem anymore.

I have 2 windows but after reformat 1 of the windows then the another 1 lost. Help!

i got a virus >>>> need to re install xp with multiple hard drives

I have a Used Computer that needs cleaning up.

I have a lot of spyware and would like to get it out!

I have a keylog on my computer.

I have a strange problem(possibly spyware related)

I got a new virus Help

I have 3 computers 2 work

I got Virused

I have a Keylogger

I have a nasty virus! HELP!

I have a keylogger I think

I have a spam problem

I dont have the drivers for my computer

I have a spyware infection

I forgot (company that can make almost any cable or connector)

I have been clean for 3 months til today - need assistance in cleanup

I have a problem. This mappingdone.net is messing with my computer

I have a trojan and MyWebSearch what do I do?

I get Popups all the time i cant get rid of them!

I have had a keylogger for several weeks

I have lost my wireless connection

I have a virus and need help. Tried to fix myself but can't do it.

i got a virus!help

I have a VIRUS! HELP!

I have a problem with the Fool!

i have lots of viruses

I have a virus i really need help!

I have a virus. I think

I have malware that I cannot remove!

I got 2 separate instances of Win XP installed

I have an antivirus issue.

i have keyloggers on my computer

I have IE pop-up ads when using Mozilla as a browser

I have malware

I have a virus taht I can't get rid of!

I got all the way to the BIOS screen.

I dont know if a trojn/maleware now has got into my computer now.

I have lost wireless Internet

I got virus(es)

I have a problem with Keyloggers! need someone to check my log:)

i have a windows vista when i open an attachment in my email

I have a nasty virus. Need help!

I have 15000 emails in yahoo i cannot delete

I have a new laptop how do i get wireless connetction?

i have spyware problems

I have spyware infection on my desktop and I need help

I have aome type of virus and need help!

I have a Virus problem

I have run EVERYTHING! STILL infected

i have a window vista and i think i have a virus on my labtop

I have NO idea what I did (or deleted?) now my file icons don't work.Please help!

I have formatted pc and need help!

I have compaq(hp) nx7000. Problems with wireless

i have a virus in restore it wont delete

I have IExplorer Close

I have bad rootkit.Have tried everything.

I have a virus on my computer

I got a virus and can't get on my comp.

i have an error burning on nero

I have a virus on my computer that I can't get rid of

I have 2 questions: Can I view deleted browser history and if not.

I have a very hard time to try scanning my computer

I have like 5 trojans on my computer

I have located the problem on my router. now i need help.

I HAVE the TROJ REVOP. A virus.how do i know when its gone?

I have VirusPro on my computer-please help!

I have no OS

I have RAT file in my pc

I have spyware

I have some malware on my PC and need help

i have a virus can you help me please

I have no browser

I have some nasty Malware =[ (Windows XP)

I have lost bios !

I have some spyware or virus.

I have a virus on my laptop

I just got a virus Troj_Darka.IRC How do i get rid of it.

i have virus

I have trojans/spyware/adaware. HELP

i have spyware on my pc but don't know what one

I have this 'mywebsearch'

I have a worm. And my computer constantly restarts

I have viruses

I have a problem that is rather irritating: Pop-ups

I have a virus or spyware

I just got a virus on my XP.

I have some virus i think

I keep getting nasty emails.

I have a laptop with no CD-Rom or floppy

i hve virus in my computre ple

I keep getting redirected from Google and Yahoo!

I keep getting an advertisement popup

I installed my new mobo

I have several viruses in my system.

I know there is something wrong with my comp but I can't find it

i have uninstalled dvd rom without backup

I just got a laptop

i keep on getting constant pop-ups pls help

I Have A Virus That Refuses To Be Deleted

I just bought a subwoofer for my PC and need some help getting it to work

I have virus no program picked up help!

i have aproblem with my driver

I have used many programs but failed to remove these Trojan

I have Broadband Cable but It lags

I have a WD 80gigs hdd and it says it runs on RAW not NFTS?

I have two pc's both with win 2000 and one will not connect to the internet

I killed all ads and My IE

I just cleaned up my computer and now its INFECTED >_<

i have just got a memory upgrade

I keep getting hihacked any suggestions?

i have a virus or spyware on my comp

I messed up. I'm stuck in Format with no OS and no CD-Rom Drive

I made a stupid mistake!

I lost some things in the laptop for internet connection and printer

i keep getting a popup advertising some antivirus software

I moved system programs & don't know how to move them back

i have no printer instalation cd!

I might have a virus need help!

I have lost my "note pad".

I keep getting weird spam

i have 8 virus's

I may have some **** on my computer.

I log onto my site

I may have spyware or worse

I lost my graphics card installation CD!

I installed Linksys router

I know I have spyware but I cant remove it.

I just need set-up help

I more than likely have a keylogger

I lost my Url how to get it back

I need drivers!

I need help figuring this email out

I need help in removing Favorit adware

I need an easy way to clean out my documents history!

I installed the Ubuntu Operating system on my computer by mistake.

I might have a keylogger

I need Help from someone REALY REALLY smart.

I need help cleaning up my daughter's computer

i need help finding a virus

I need help cleaning up my PC.

I need help getting my new (custom) pc to boot fully

I need help configuring my router.

I need help connecting my laptop to my modem

I need help i have a virus

i need help i pressed recall on my moniter

I need help connecting to wireless internet!

I need help getting rid of a virus!

I have just removed an endless list of.

i just remove a spyware.

I need help deciding!

i keep getting ad.oinserver pop ups can someone help please?

I need a very user-friendly guide on how to put together a computer.

I need help creating a partition in Vista.

i installed two systems on the same laptop !

I need help making a virtual box

I Need Help Choosing a New Processor : \

I need help removing this malware/virus. LOG INCLUDED

I need help my computer is infected.

I need an internet connevtion!

I have tried everything I know to get rid of popups. Need Help

I need help cleaning a PC

I need help to get rid of a virus!

I need help before my 500gb of data is gone

I need adivice on speeding up an Excel program

i need help recovering memory

I need a program to shut down system processes. Are there any out there?

I Need a Java Guru

I need help removing malware.

I Need Help Setting Up A Wireless Network

I need help an removing Home search

I need help cleaning up my computer

i know i have viruses but i can't get rid! please help

I need help getting sounds back.

I need help on removing a Virus

I need help uploading a resume to a job application

I keep freezing

I Need Help Getting Rid Of This Virus!

I need help cleaning my system.

I need help connecting to my work pc from home laptop remotely

i need help to find new drivers in order to paly a game

I need help ASAP on how to scan to a PDF file

i need help in removing adwares!

I need help to remove some virus

i need help removing a virus

I need help cleaning my pc

I need help removing spyware.

i need help to reset my whole computer

I need help to see if i have a virus?

I need help hooking up an old TV to PS2

I need help with a ping problem

I need help with getting rid of popups

I need help connecting to the internet

I Need Help Putting My AVI Files Onto A Disk

I need help removing a virus or spyware

I need help with my CD ROM drives!

I just got another SATA HDD

i need help with this trojan/spyware hack

I NEED help with a dll problem BAD!

I need help with using Virtualbox

I need help with virus removal please

i need help. frustrating me.

I need help with an ad-hoc connection of Vista Home Premium to XP Media Edition.

I need help reformatting

I need help getting rid of a TrojanSMP/LX on my computer!

I need help unlocking a folder of an old user account.

I need help with IDM(Internet download manager)

I need help removing a couple of viruses in my system!

I need help with DVD formatting.

I need help with connecting cisco linksys wireless router

i need help with spyware

I need help with malware!

I need help removing pop-ups and more!

I Need Help! Seems To Be Desktop Virus!

I Need Help! Wrong On My Cpu

I need help.I have a CD "Not Responding"

I need help removing Virus busters 6

I need help with 2 of my drivers.

I need help with removing virus

i need help to program a firewall for Windows !

I need help removing virus

i need help in connecting a desktop and a laptop to a lan connection

i need help with vnc

I need reliable internet service! Problems!

I need some help with a malware problem please.

I need help with nero 7

I Need Help With My Camera Bad!

I need help with networm?and i cant do my homework

I need help with my comp!

I need some help with subnetting.

I need information on how to get better gammin

I need the names of some free total file deletion programs.

I need help upgrading RAM

I need to know if my Firewall Is enabled

I need to hyperlink a saved email

I need help! Driver CDS

I Need some help locating a driver?

I need to fax a Word document but only have broadband internet connection.

I need some special help in finding a new mouse

I need list of downloads please

I need to be able to print wirelessly via my laptop.

I need help setting up my network

I need to get rid of spyware

I need some help connecting internet wirelessly

I NEED to get rid of Vista and go back to lovely

i need to burn cds for my band

I need help on taking screenshots.

I need help on this one. Im stumbled

I Need To Find Motherbor Drivers!

I need to restore computer to original settings

I need some help with my friends computer.

I Need Help With Ultimate Defender & Superpccleaner Malware

i need help to remove a virus

I need some help with using an external monitor with my laptop!

i need to figure out how to manually open ports with my router

i need help wit my ipod

I need major help. popups and more :/

I need help: Know how to use Hex Editor?

I need to keep repairing my wireless connection

I need internet through my network

I suspect Malware on the loose in my comp.

I need info on this motherboard

I seem to have ad ware. It might also be malware. I'm not sure I need help.

I need to make a cd copy of a program

I suspect im infected with Trojan

i need this computer running like a pro any suggestions?

I seem to have two win XP OS's on my laptop!

I never got a response & tried to fix myself

I Pod Help

I see the sata ports on my motherboard

i pod mini help .

I need to allow a program to access the internet.

I nned help with my comp.

I seem to have picked up some kind of spyware / virus. please could someone help me

I thick there's a virus on my pc

I need to regain my Admin Satus

I need some help with using Bochs!

I simply cant get rid of imminent search as my default firefox search

I think i have a key log on my comp

I needed help for my PC with WinXP

I think i have a key logger

i recently bought a used toshiba sattelite laptop - help. password protected laptop

I need to capture screen image

I only have wifi available at my apartment. will using a wifi to ethernet adaptor help?

I think I caught some virus on my komputer:

I removed devices and want to restore them

I think I have a trojan and this is my log.

i need windows back after installing lubuntu

I NEED HELP! I'm posting my log! Got any advice?

I still can't search on Google.

I need to add a printer that's on another network

I think I have a keylogger (Details inside!)

I still have a virus! Help!

I need to secure my computer

I think I have a virus :(

I suffered a Virus Attack and now my PC is asking for a Password.

I Think I Got A Virus. Help.

I think i have a trojan/keylogger

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