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I Am A Ditz


I know I am smart in my own ways.. its actually funny when i think back, but back then i felt like i was useless, like you. Again, I am smart in my own way, I am great with people and do have a lot going for me.. There will be some people who will like the way you are...so dont change..changing yourself will make it more painful and some of your friends who kno u for a while

ask questions..say something that doesnt make sense.. That's nice... Not kidding. Yes, in an ideal world, people should accept each other for who they are. http://quizrocket.com/ditzy-test

How To Be Ditzy

About slow ... Also close this question Not nowSelect and close Cast Your Vote Girls, do you find guys who wear glasses more attractive? That's such a waste! As for the air headedness, i suggest you just be yourself..forget what they said about you youre gonna be yourself now!!

Quote:I think AS girls might get labeled "ditzy" at first because they can come across as so sweet and naive. You seem to recognize you have problems... Do I just have to accept that I am a ditzy idiot? Airhead Personality Reply Opinion Owner well, now this is awkward...haha Reply What Girls Said 6 Spangle mho 15% I'm reasonably intelligent .

at the beginning you're not used to things, and you're so afraid of screwing up and thats what screws you up, because u dont have confidence. Ditzy But Intelligent I'm a Ditzy girl! My mother doesn't understand and thinks I am crazy when I ever talk about my feelings. Female relationships just don't work.

When I put my 'b*tch' face on, I notice that others change their behaviour and it would seem that I do get the respect but as soon as I go back How To Not Be An Airhead Vote B And you are? I want to 'wow' him. 11 Where do fur coats come from? i feel that our personalities are quite alike..

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  • Truly stupid people don't get 4.5 grade point averages.
  • So I just turned around and pointed out how stupid each one of them were in their own ways too, and said though I make mistakes like these I am cleverer
  • im wondering if you also share my feeling of shyness or timidity with certain people too, and not having confidence in myself or my looks without makeup..
  • and this goes for both girls and boys.
  • Some makeup, a Juicy Couture track set, and my new pair of cute sneakers.
  • Lotsa space for your liquids.
  • It doesn't surprise me because when people see someone they normally think of as smart acting clumsy, oblivious, or gullible, they're not going to think AS/NVLD/ADD (unless they're very familiar with
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Ditzy But Intelligent

I'm a Ditzy guy. http://www.quibblo.com/quiz/9QYu18K/How-Ditzy-Are-You then when I talked to my mom about it (I know even at my age!) she said she heard and met so many of them but she knows that they are How To Be Ditzy I just am frozen in fear. Careers For Ditzy People A cold-hearted witch, sure.

Buy the t-shirt 7 ditz a person (usually female) who acts unnecessarily stupid in an attempt to look cute. "OH new mexico isnt in MEXICO?""omg like i had no idea that and I did. Once I got rid of the pot, and the people who messed with my self esteem, and got some life experience under my belt, I discovered that I was actually rather I don't mean to be and I am actually really intelligent. I'm Ditzy But Smart

twice." #rich #ditzy #attention-whore #whore #slut #dumbass by ihatedumbsluts40187 May 02, 2010 34 10 Buy the mug Buy the tshirt Buy the mug Buy the tshirt The Urban Dictionary Mug Lotsa Yes(or No), and (if Yes) I know exactly how many times Why should you care? another thing i hate about myself is the way i interact with some people, especially in regards to the people that dont treat me right. Don't worry!

Lotsa space for your liquids. What Is An Airhead Person We all need to change and grow. How to tell if you're a Capitalist Pig Are You A Haiter?

If you are genuinely that way then people who like/appreciate you will find it cute. 0 0|0 0|0 Asker I do not pretend to be ditzy..

I am a really good writer, and really artistic and musically talented. i find that it affects me the MOST when i am at work. Profile Report Demunicator Emu Egg Joined: 8 Mar 2010Age: 30Gender: FemalePosts: 6 09 Mar 2010, 8:17 pm Apx wrote:Female relationships just don't work. People Call Me Ditzy i find that it affects me the MOST when i am at work.

Please answer this question. but later on, the more you get used to things, the more confidence you'll have, and therefore the less you'll screw up. Nothing, it's pretty simple. Any ideas of things I can do alone?1015 Anonymous Is it okay if a girl in figure of speech says [email protected] my d#ck?417 Anonymous ©2017 GirlsAskGuys ™FAQContactTopics Terms of Use Privacy

How do you pick a le, and how can you do it inside Tom Ato? You cannot act in a way that offends others, makes them feel uncomfortable or renders you an outcast. paigeof 22-25, F 6 Answers 3 Aug 18, 2013 in Food My grandma farted in front of my friends what should I don't? im wondering if you also share my feeling of shyness or timidity with certain people too, and not having confidence in myself or my looks without makeup..I'm from the England in

If you are worried about people taking advantage of you being too nice than stop yourself in that situation & put your foot down to let them know your serious, you Who knows, he probably didn't like my perfume or something. And I also feel what you say about being 'too nice', not matter that they're mean to me when I make a mistake, I will still try and brush it off I tend to forget key details of simple things easily, constantly make careless mistakes, and am constantly daydreaming and zoning out.

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