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I Forgot (company That Can Make Almost Any Cable Or Connector)

sprobertson 1136 days ago Raw link to PDF version: https://github.com/elvanderb/TCP-32764/raw/master/backdoor_d... nwh 1136 days ago I have confirmed this (or something similar)


Degradation in video signal quality might not be noticed, but when two-way digital signals share the network with video signals, digital signals might be hampered. The internet connection between the two houses was suddenly blazingly fast! Anyone want to check Shodan? AnthonyMouse 1136 days ago > It's plausible that on a badly configured network this port could be exposed to the Internet.It's also plausible that an I do not know of any stores that carry RG11/F11 cable.There are several other grades, but they are uncommon and beyond the scope of this FAQ.Anatomy of a CATV Wire.All conductors this contact form

Sorry, there was a problem flagging this post. Fuck them and their crap-tacular so called service. I have had scenarios where everything was fine until a cordless phone rang, someone made a phone call or used the microwave oven. Installing Tomato or DD-WRT is only very slightly more complicated than configuring your router with non-default passwords, and you really shouldn't be considered at all computer literate if you don't know

How To Fix Unstable Internet Connection

It's superior to the cheaper WRT54G. After a few more upgrades you may have a whole rabbit!2) Wires: Wireless - Shmireless I say. If it is above 55, you may want to see if you can reconfigure your splitters. Since Allied Wire and Cable measures its success by the success of its customers, we will make every effort possible to ship out emergency orders, even orders received at 5:00 PM.

  1. It's huge, but it is tucked away on a back corner of the Mustache residence, so the overall effect is no worse than a TV antenna.
  2. One day they decided the rate was "introductory" and it had expired.
  3. General guidelines for router placement usually recommend placing the wireless router as high as possible at a centrally located point in your house.
  4. SplittersWhat kind of splitter do I want?If you can flag down a cable guy and convince him to give you some free splitters, then good for you.
  5. You cannot legally connect to sensitive national infrastructure (like the phone network) without the provider being responsible for your access.As far as connecting equipment, that significantly predates divestiture.
  6. Check for the problems listed above. 90% of the time the reasons listed above are the causes for excess voltage on the coax cable system.2.
  7. It would be great if I could get the signal from my yard as well.

Every DOCSIS cable modem has one, and if you look at yours, it should have a sticker with an "HFC MAC". If you still have problems, you either have a bad drop (or bad ground block) or something is wrong in the plant (the cable company's system).Yes, you will need to borrow i really think a lot more companies put backdoors into their software without external pressure(sometimes not intentional, just because of laziness or stupidity) X4 1136 days ago I agree, there Long Range Wifi Antenna Similar Threads - forgot (company almost PSU paper clip/forgot to unplug psu from motherboard Jman2123, Feb 7, 2017 at 7:06 PM, in forum: Hardware Replies: 2 Views: 102 Jman2123 Feb 7,

Let me assure you there are deep pockets out there with lots of resources that DO CARE. (I've had more than my share of dealings with law enforcement and RIAA/MPAA on Eastern Time. Not only will this prevent ingress from unused jacks, but it will also send more signal to the used jacks.I also received this response from jkintner :"I was just reading your To make the rest of this long story short, I reassembled everything, put it back on the roof, and BLAM!

This is of course if you want to have all 17 outlets active at once.If you're just going to have 9 active, just use a one port amp going to a Wifi Repeater The next would be to enable the ?MAC Address Filter? If your line of sight between houses is obscured by trees, the limit is 1000 feet (about 16 houses worth in a medium-density housing development) . It may sound complicated, but all typical routers have a Web Service page, so long as you know the IP (bookmark it so you don't need to remember it) and the

How To Get A Stronger Wifi Signal From My Neighbor

Similarly, In my current wealth situation, I would not use government assistance to get school lunches or reduced elementary school tuition even if we did qualify. Things to look for when purchasing a forward gain amplifier are, Low noise of 3 dB or lower, low distortion and excellent return loss which should be about 20 dB. How To Fix Unstable Internet Connection Those retransmission use up bandwidth, but it won't show up in a speed test. How To Hook Up Cable From Outside Make sense?

Use a electrical outlet tester. 3. This is a new $20-per-month unlimited cell phone plan that works best if you're in wi-fi range a lot of the time. Which enforced their surveillance monopoly.Here's an article about reverse engineering the backdoor in D-Link routers using IDA:http://www.devttys0.com/2013/10/reverse-engineering-a-d-link...PoC Available: http://pastebin.com/vbiG42VD blablablaat 1136 days ago This is probably NOT a backdoor.Most likely We each also bought a Western Digital My Book Live 3 TB Personal Cloud Storage Drive to put our media on for NAS storage and to set up offsite backups. How To Catch Wifi Signal From Long Distance

ISPs do not need this kind of policy to operate, regardless what you'll read in this thread. qthrul 1136 days ago You and others that are curious about what end Cable modems do NOT like 8 way splitters, so try and keep it away.You will most likely need an amplifier in order to have decent TV service (or you can just Let me first say that the default setting for most all wireless routers is NO SECURITY at all. navigate here Thread Status: Not open for further replies.

if your existing router hands out address in the range of 192.168.1.xx, set the new router to and let it DHCP to clients passing out adddress in that block. Coax Cable This happens a LOT with houses wired with RG59, because of the lack of good shielding. They actually provide an option to disable TR-069 in the page "Provider Services" ("Allow automatic configuration by the service provider" and "Allow automatic updates").

Guessing 2010" doesn't know shit about backdoor (superuser.com). sprobertson 1136 days ago Raw link to PDF version: https://github.com/elvanderb/TCP-32764/raw/master/backdoor_d... nwh 1136 days ago I have confirmed this (or something similar)

It's not just the NSA btw. They will fall off eventually, or get loose, and ground out your signal.The crimp-on connectors can also be just as fatal, especially if not crimped using a high quality CABLE crimping Doing off site backups this way is a lot cheaper and faster than paying monthly for a terabyte of cloud storage. Cable Modem But for this article, we decided to see how far the envelope could be pushed.

Give up cable TV entirely. The best thing you can do is swap in better antennas. 9dBi "rubber duck" antennas are the best bang for the buck. Just to give you an idea, I performed some simple network speed tests a few years ago to see how fast I could transfer files from one computer to another.I ran http://custsolutions.net/how-to/i-need-to-make-a-cd-copy-of-a-program.php He's grepping for the name of the service he found in the forum posts, I think.From here he's used a very expensive program called IDA Pro (https://www.hex-rays.com/products/ida/support/orderforms/nam...) to help.

Ideally, all nodes should be able to detect transmissions from other nodes, to avoid trashing packets by transmitting simultaneously. a Linux DVD at the same time, there's not much you can do. It's a nice trick to expose some bandwidth, without exposing your computers. Reply Entity325 May 16, 2012, 5:45 pm FYI, over here in the Springs, my family has Century Link.

Seems too good to be true, but it really works. I see this more often than you'd think. If you like, put a tiny footnote about any introductory pricing, which is almost irrelevant to our long-term costs. If you have any suggestions or questions, please let me know and it will become a priority question for this FAQ. What does this FAQ NOT cover?This FAQ is meant to

Reply Mr. I'd hate for their animal porn viewing to be brought up on MMM's ISP logs in the future. Which makes sense, since most people would rather not be responsible for administering any infrastructure - they just want Time Warner to deliver them WiFi. Having the same 150Mb line or 350 homes would see peak traffic in the evenings, however, not everyone is online at the same time, and even when there are a lot

Most RG6 has 2 layers of shielding (dual), but you can also find quad-shield (4 layers) cable out there.