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I am being attacked by Spy Axe

i am befuddled

I am an idiot and I don't know what to do! Bloodhound exploit?

I am dumber than dirt

I am being denied access to files on "MY COMPUTER"

I am being got at!

I am computer retarded - need major help

I am a rookie! Please help my slow CPU. HJT Included.

I am computer savvy and even this wireless problem stumps me. Any help please!

I am going to kick my computer! *HJT log*

I am a Windows Vista user with an ENUWI-N3 802.11n missing driver

I am Havig trouble with a Bothersome incredimail thing

I am baffled ! Please help

I am in deep trouble

I am in redirect hell!

I am hijacked! Can't delete this entry.O1 - Hosts: ::1 localhost

I am in Modem Hell

I am Having Issues

I am getting .exe- Bad Image responses form my computer

I am in deeep trouble!

I am also having problems with Everquest

I am having a problem with a dialer virus.

I am having major issues.

i am currently unable to access task manager

I am at my wits end! Motherboard / graphics card issue results in no boot

I am in trouble :-( Deep Freeze problem.

i am hving huge probs

I am having same problem!

I am also infected with 123mania.com sh*t - help required

I am having problems with a HIS ATI Radeon 4850

I am in a loop

I am in a real pickle trojans virus and a like

I am an idiot and External HD problems

I am having the same problem. Could someone look at my post below? TNX

I am having the tronjan PSW.X - Vir problem

I am infected- Rapport log

I am infected with a debilitating virus/trojan. Please Help

I am infected with Downloader.MSCache? Please Help

I am having display problems

I am infected with spyware bad! Hijack log inside.

I am getting blue screen of death with "fltmgr.sys" error when inserted cd

I am new help wireless network

I am so simple

I am still waiting for your strawberry from baguio.

I am dumb and WIN RAR and P files are confusing.

I am unable to get rid of SafeSearch.exe.HELP!

i am DESPERATE for router/modem help

I am administrator with no admin privileges

I am getting BSOD! Who can read these dmps for me! please!

I am new in this.please help

I am going insane with this upgrade

I am a complete stupid head

I am Stuck in perpetual XP install- please help

I am a New Networking Bee

I am missing sbrowser.exe!

I am still trying to get rid of dxngerous creatures.dll

I am not a she.

I am having trouble with Internet Explorer 6.00.2800.1106

I am unable to remove Trojan Stwoyle

i am trying to make outgoing calls from my Gmail.com Account using Google Chat / Goog

I Am Stupid

I am Still Hijacked by greatserach.biz

I am having this 3 second delay with my Msn Messenger

I Am ZerxZ.

I am back and need help again please

I am unable to update any programs

I am stumped please help XP Install

I am having trouble Installing verto geforce2 mx200 on windows xp with rage pro agp 2

I am Puzzled

I Am Having.trouble

I am havng a big problem.

I am going out of my mind - time spentattempting repairs: 3 months

I am looking for a Arcade baseball game from the late80s.

I am ready to throw the computer out the window

I am trying to open a Toshiba Tecra 500cdt laptop

I am really infected

I am not sure what is wrong

I am really puzzled here.

I am redirected to another website - HijackThis log included

I am infected

I am not the admin on my comp anymore?

I am running Vista 32 SP1!

I am sending out spam apparently.buhuu

I am infected . I think !

I am trying! :(

I am seriously worried plz read

I am having issues with my NEW Computer

I am getting 200fps but it feels like 30fpsp

I am so blonde

I am hit by Virtumundo! Help pls.

I am so confused about my processor

I am uncertain about my power supply.

I am lost.here is the hijack this file. please help

I am looking for the name of a certain baseball aracde game from the late80s.

I am so confused

I am in deep Trouble after Partitioning.

I Am Tired Of Cookies

I am plagued with WidgiToolbar / Spigot -- log files included

i am the admin but i can't change file attributes

I am unable to click on asking for help

I am ready to throw my computer out the window!

I am new and need some help :<

I am trying to go from 32 bit Vista to 64 bit Windows 7.

I am back in Packard -ell

i am going nuts (hjt log included)

I am alive! appearing when I click certain links


I am getting an error "the r eplatform win32.dll file is linked to missing export.

I am the only user on this computer

I AM the freaking administrator!

I am torn between a 23" (16:9 ratio) and a 24" (16:10 ratio) monitor. Advice please?

i am unable to access yahoo.com

I am not able to remove Perflib_Perfdata_824.dat file

I am infected with trojan.small

i am missing a .exe.

I Am Plagued By Vundo :(

I am interested in building a gaming pc

I am looking for page with good quality software icons

I am not a techie so please help if you can

I am not really sure whats going on :-)

I am unable to record using window recorder or adaptec easy cd createor

I am looking for xp drivers for toshiba a135-s4447

I am sending trillions of packets

I am not able to remove Adtomi malware--what hijack this to download?

I am SO done with my processor.advice?

i am studying computer technician

I am Computer Illiterate but I did the Scan.

I am affected from ABI Network

I am trying to connect my other computer to internet

I am trying to repair WinXP Pro. I think MFT is hosed. Is there a way to repair MFT?

I am getting this error message:

I am having the tronjan PSW.X - Vir problem also.

I am not sure what I have. Can't get hijackthis to run either.

I am thinking of buying a Dell XPS M2010.

I can't use Windows Updater because it says I'm not an admin

I r babboon


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