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I Can't Backup To CD-R In XP!


So what are the alternatives? solved Automatic way to backup files from desktop to an external hard drive? Depending on how much data you chose, this may be a good time to grab a latte. The Backup or Restore Wizard appears.

I got my 512 meg drive on ebay for $28 and couldn’tbe happier. Most of them run rings around Windows XP's backup. The suggestion was to use CD-R (being cheap &> all), create multisessions on them and go from there. With a scheduled backup to a removable media (tape, CD-R, and so on), it's up to you to ensure that a blank tape or CD is ready when the backup starts. http://www.realgeek.com/forums/cant-backup-files-to-cd-rw-12149.html

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I cannot locate one of my old backup logs.Cause:WindowsXP Backup saves only the last 10 backup reports (log files).Solution:Copy the backup log files that you wish to archive to another location. There has to be a better way, can't those files be> overwritten, like back in the 3.5" days? This is because the initial technology of Compact Disc media was such that CD's were "read-only" devices, meaning that a computer could only "read" the data, but not "write" or modify NOTEPAD will start, and give you a message saying there is no such file and asking if you want to create it.

Restoring a Backup Restoring a backup is considerably simpler than creating one. I backed upseveral objects (apps, addressbook) around 10 items I believe, thenwanted to add a folder. After you've chosen a backup location, enter a name for the file, click "Next" and then click "Finish" to begin the back up process. You can lose important file attributes if you restore NTFS files to an FAT drive or even an NTFS drive made with Windows NT 4.

Several times. If I do that, the resulting .bkf file is well within the size limitations for a CD. The best backup system stores the files as identical copies of each individual file that can be read by any computer.

Return to top Backup Software There are backup https://www.microsoft.com/resources/documentation/windows/xp/all/proddocs/en-us/sag_backtrouble.mspx You have to restore on a computer with the earlier version of Windows installed, and then copy the files to the Windows XP computer.

Some PC manufacturers forgot to include the backup program on their XP Home machines. Microsoft is mum on which systems work and which don't, but you can see all the news they see fit to print at support.microsoft.com/?kbid=302700. For a complete list of all of them including links to each one, please visit the VIDEOS page. I thought it was just suppose to add thefolder making it 11 not 10 items, instead it overwrote the files thatwere there.

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You certainly can make a Backup file on a CD-R or CD-RW, but you will have to make the Backup file on the hard drive first, then use your special CD-burning req'd). What Are The Primary Components Found Within A Cpu? Let me repeat this point -- the best backup is one that has identical copies of your files that are immediately readable by any computer! In Nero the utility youwant is called "InCD", in Roxio it's "DirectCD" and each of them formata CDRW for packet writing.A very rough and basic idea of how it works is

I know my way around > my PC, but > > this has me stumped (sadly enough). > > > > Thank you all in advanceI gotta tell you all, a A clear and engaging writer, he is a consistent voice for empowering Windows users to get more out of their operating system, and his annoyances.com web site has garnered a sizeable If you fall into that boat, your best bet is to yell really loudly at your hardware manufacturer; then borrow an original Windows XP Home Edition CD from a friend. Using the compression option in Windows Backup doesn't hurt, but it's a waste of time and won't save much, if any, space on the backup media.

  • Windows Interface-Navigate quickly, fix screen resolution problems, customize the desktop, and switch applications more quickly.
  • An external hard disk drive (good option if available).
  • How to Restore XP Old Backup (.bkf) files on Windows 2007 OS in easiest way?
  • You don't need to run the Backup or Restore Wizard to backup or restore.
  • Burning CDs in Windows XP http://aumha.org/a/xpcd.php -- Nicholas ---------------------------------------------------------------------- "John Vaughan" wrote in message; news:[email protected] | I want to backup my Quicken files to one CD-RW rather | than multiple
  • Click Close. • Figure 60-11: Folders available for restore appear on the left.
  • If you do this (Filename) cannot be opened due to possible data corruption.

Voluntary Cash donations can be made via Paypal: There are several movie files throughout "Senior's Guide to Computers" demonstrating many techniques. They get old. To try again, start at step 14 and make sure that you are creating or opening an Invoices file that matches the name you received in the message for what appeared System Restore can help you roll back really bad Windows changes — the bits and pieces of Windows that get gummed up can be reset to their original state.

If you use Windows XP Home Edition, you'll need to follow these steps to install the utility: Insert your Windows XP CD into the drive and, if necessary, double-click the CD Consider getting a 120 GB or larger drive and dedicating it for use as a backup device. Automated System Recovery The Windows XP Professional version of the backup program includes Automated System Recovery (ASR).

I have a hard time>> believing in this day and age a file cant be overwritten on a CD?>>>> Please can someone help me with this.

We have the answers. Your drive should have come bundled with something called "packet writing" software, which is required by my software. Enter a name for the folder. Goodbye data!

Best way to create backup images for long term storage? Most (if not all) of your passwords are lost, too. Oh -- didn't do that, huh? My Account | Log Out | Advertise Search: Home Forums About Us Geek Culture Advertise Contact Us FAQ Members List Calendar Today's Posts Search Search Forums Show Threads Show Posts

Double-click Ntbackup.msi to install the Backup utility. If you have to restore an entire drive, make sure the new drive has the same formatting as the one you backed up. I know my way around my PC, but>> this has me stumped (sadly enough).>>>> Thank you all in advance>>>> -->> Posted using the http://www.windowsforumz.com interface, at author's>> request Articles individually checked There has to be a better way, can’t those files be> overwritten, like back in the 3.5" days?

If a home or small office network has room, you can place the backup from one computer on another computer(s). If you lose the floppy disk, first use the Backup utility to locate and catalog the corresponding ASR backup set, then restore the asr.sif and asrpnp.sif files (located in the %systemroot%\repair Backup alternatives A few years ago, it looked like everyone would have to install a tape drive to make backups. I searched > on this site as > >> well as a couple of others to see if anyone had this > dilema before, I > >> didn't find but one.

The use of the name "drives" for these gadgetsis somewhat misleading and probably stems from the fact that Windowsrecognizes them as such and assigns a typical hard drive icon to them,but is an excellent alternative (www.ntibackupnow.com), especially if you back up to CD. req'd). I backed > up several objects (apps, addressbook) around 10 items I > believe, then wanted to add a folder.