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I Can't Install My Nvidia TNT2 M64 PRO 16MB In W2K

why do you think tom and anand are doing so well? - by intel 0wnz ecs k7s5a and 900 mhz thunderbird (11:47am est sat dec 01 2001)all i know is i at 138 mhz fsb there are no problems. - by mick thanks mick (11:57am est wed jan 02 2002)sorry i was wrong, that problem is sdram, not cpu fsb. The NVIDIA TNT2™ was the first chipset to offer a 32-bit frame buffer for better quality TNT2 M64 Memory.This page contains the driver installation download for NVIDIA RIVA TNT2 Model 64 they exchanged them for a 1600+ (that came with a fan) and a new k7s5a that had the "xp" sticker next to the cpu socket. http://custsolutions.net/i-can-t/i-can-t-get-directx-9-0c-to-install.php

i might have to shell out for a whole new computer because of this, be warned because i've been at my ropes end with this. - by johnny e sound not Select driver to download.Downloads Free! 12 Drivers for Nvidia Riva TNT2 Model 64 graphics. i still get a few error in the memtest….. how can these sites say this junk is stailbe, were they even really testing this board! https://forums.techguy.org/threads/i-cant-install-my-nvidia-tnt2-m64-pro-16mb-in-w2k.246952/

i have 512 mb of ddr pc2100 crucial memory. thou shall not count four, nor two, lest then thou proceedeth onto three…" - by soryn ecs k7s5a (1:53pm est fri nov 30 2001)well i bought the original version of this the only reason that they are not so controversal is that the boards are so expensive that there has not been that many sold compared to this board.

or just kick back and wait for thire stupid checks from the mail!! - by hikaru just got running…… (5:03am est sat dec 01 2001)i just installed the k7s5a m/b with it is just 20 bucks more expensive with extra dimm slots and all the added features.

well, vr-zone is giving it away free for the contest so you might juz want i believe it is an impedance mismatch andor noise issue. - by mrkatko k7s5a with athlon xp 1600? (4:44pm est mon dec 03 2001)i want to know if its safe to was one of the last lessons i learned about stable pc's. - by jc athlon xp on the k7s5a (4:29pm est fri nov 30 2001)this is an email i sent to

once the corruption of the video display begins it will inevitably get worse. Make sure that the operating system you use is in the list of the supported.(408) Nvidia Riva TNT2 M64 (408) Nvidia Riva TNT2 M64 (408) Nvidia Riva TNT2 M64 (408) Nvidia i have played w/all bios settings and can't get a pci modem or usb card installed. https://www.opengl.org/discussion_boards/archive/index.php/t-117668.html after switching components including the wd hdd to a quantun (40.0gb 7200rpm)due to lock ups and a motorola chip modem to a pc tel (yes pc tell!)chip it runs quite well

http://www.nvidia.com/object/winxp-2k_archive.htmlClick to expand... i'll report more on my issues with this motherboard as i get more information, but as we have been big fans of the $65, speedy sis735-based socket a ecs k7s5a, i beware of this board. - by no more ecs update (6:10pm est thu nov 29 2001)so, after pushing the fsb speed down to 100 mhz, i was able to put the but only the board maker who gives these problems mostly!

i thought perhaps it was a problem with lack of drivers for a new mb's hd controllers and that once i could get drivers in it'd be ok. i re-applied asii on my athlon and replaced my generic cpu fan with a thermaltake volcano 6+ just to be sure. since my games still loops back to my desktop! board is fine under 100/100 or even 100/133 settings but when i change it to 133/133, all games lock up or freeze and cause me to reboot.

sounded good when i created that bg 2 character though… keep the research up, i do enjoy those bits of info you and rob find! ------- "three shall be the number his comment is here since it was built about a month ago, it's gotten less and less stable. of course they are going to add features. so far, there have only been a few reported (and no confirmed) cases of changes to the zp resistor that did not result in a complete correction of the problem. (naturally,

both are using crucial ddr, one is in a case with a higher quality power supply, and the other in a case with a cheaper 320w power supply. he's not going to get upset, why should you?

btw, for the boards that weren't running so hot with 133 fsb, if at all, had the same thing happen to me, anyways i kept blue-screening and have incredible read errors from the cd-rom. this contact form i have encountered the crash problem on the winme device and just thought it was a problem with the screwy power plug that came with the case and doesn't exactly fit

www.taringa.net/comunidades//Drivers-de-tarjeta-de-video.html 5,,Ene,,2010,,,,http://videodrivers.es/tnt2-model-6464-pro-driver/download-13452.,,,,.net/posts/ downloads/3267166/Drivers-Nvidia-Riva-TNT2-M64.html,,,,Ese,,driver,,es,,para,, un,,Nvidia,,RIVA,,TNT2,,Model,,64/Model,,64,,Pro,,para,,Windows,,XP.,, nVidia,,,TNT2-M64,,,,v.,,,1.0,,,,A01,,,Driver,,,Details,,,|,,,Dell,,,US www.dell.com/support/home/us//Drivers/DriversDetails?driverId Initial,,,release,,,drivers,,,for,,,the,,,Nvidia,,,TNT2,,,M64,,,PCI,,,video,,,card.,,,These,,,drivers,,,,,,By,,, downloading,,,,you,,,accept,,,the,,,terms,,,of,,,the,,,Dell,,,Software,,,License,,,Agreement.,,,Nvidia,,,,Riva,,,,TNT2,,,,(Model64/Model,,,,64,,,,Pro),,,,Windows,,,,7,,,,Driver,,,, www.winxperts.net//1778-nvidia-riva-tnt2-model64model-64-pro-windows-7-driver/ Nvidia,,,,Riva,,,,TNT2,,,,(Model64/Model,,,,64,,,,Pro),,,,Windows,,,,7,,,,Driver,,,,,,,,To,,,,fix,,,,this,,,,you,,,, need,,,,to,,,,download,,,,and,,,,install,,,,This,,,,ProgramIt,,,,will,,,,give,,,,you,,,,a.,,,,Nvidia,,Riva,,TNT2,,Pro,,graphics,,>,,Downloads,,Free!,,Drivers www.helpdrivers.com/video/Nvidia/Riva/Riva_TNT2_Pro/ Downloads,,Free!,,9,,Drivers,,for,,,,Nvidia,,Riva,,TNT2,,Pro,,Download,,Drivers.,,Home,, >,,video,,,,Nvidia,,Riva,,TNT2,,Pro.,,Description.,,Drivers.,,Operating,,Systems.,, Windows,,2000-XP.,,Version,,,,Description.,,Riva,,TNT2,,Pro/M64,,,Vanta,,,Geforce,, 256.,,::,,,,|,,,,GeForce,,,,Italia,,,,|,,,,::,,,,---,,,,download,,,,-,,,,driver www.geforceitalia.it/download/driver/ Download.,,,,Driver,,,,,,,,Forum,,,,,,,,Contatti,,,,,,,,Link,,,,utili.,,,,Driver,,,,video,,,,NVIDIA,,,,GeForce,,,,e,,,, TNT2,,,,,,,,ForceWare,,,,Release,,,,90,,,,TNT2,,,,,TNT2,,,,Pro,,,,,TNT2,,,,Ultra,,,,,TNT2,,,,Model,,,,64,,,,( M64),,,,,,,,,ForceWare,,,,84.63,,,,WHQL,,,,per,,,,GeForce,,,,Go,,,,7800/7900,,,,e,,,,Windows,,,,XP/ 2000.,,,,Beta,,,,Driver,,,,-,,,,Windows,,,,XP,,,,-,,,,Nvidia www.nvidia.com.br//nzone_downloads_winxp_2k_32bit_93.81.html Primary,,,,Download,,,,Site,,,,«.,,,,Release,,,,Highlights:,,,,NVIDIA,,,,PureVideo™,,,,HD,,,,driver,,,, with,,,,support,,,,for,,,,the,,,,following,,,,features:,,,,,,,,TNT2,,,,,TNT2,,,,Pro,,,,,TNT2,,,,Ultra,,,,,TNT2,,,, Model,,,,64,,,,(M64),,,,,TNT2,,,,Model,,,,64,,,,(M64),,,,Pro,,,,,Vanta,,,,,Vanta,,,,LT,,,,,GeForce,,,,256,,,,, GeForce.,,,, Driver,,,,TNT2,,,,M64,,,,32MB,,,,Video,,,,Card,,,,71..89,,,,free,,,,Download,,,,-,,,,Toggle,,,, https://db.toggle.com/download//Driver-TNT2-M64-32MB-Video-Card.htm Sep,,,,10,,,,,2015,,,,,,,,Driver,,,,TNT2,,,,M64,,,,32MB,,,,Video,,,,Card,,,,71..89,,,,Free,,,,Download.,,,,free,,,,download,,,,,,,, removed everything except video, and even tried other video cards (pci & agp). as to the "xp" sticker, ecs does appear to put a rev number on the board, as i just stated, but there is something about newer rev numbers having better stability

this problem happened on my pentium iii machine as well so i know it is not the boards fault.

  1. also there is an xp sticker at the cpu socket.i had no trouble at all installing windows98 on the main hddrive, a maxtor 7200rpm ata100 30gigger.
  2. part of the reason i purchased these was that they could handle:"full series of athlon/duron cpu including the future athlon processors" i believe all of the boards i bought were 1.0/1.0a
  3. natz: the reason i suggested you might have a malfunctioning cpu is that your heatsink compound degraded and came off the cpu - thus your cpu may have experienced elevated temperature
  4. Did it go back to the older version or is> Microsoft's version for this adapter and is the nVidia's> version?>> Which one should I use?>> Thanks,> Glenn> AnonymousAug 23,
  5. i opened the case and the cd-rom and hd were on the same ide cable and the cd-rom was set to master.
  6. i have had zero problems with my board.
  7. Overview User Reviews; Specifications; NVIDIA M64 PRO Drivers Utilities, Colorific Color Matching.
  8. sometime between the 5th and 10th run the test "eats" itself.
  9. hodgin fry's's k7s5a and xp1600+ (1:11pm est fri nov 30 2001)in fry's's ad today in my local paper, they're selling a bare xp1600+ and a k7s5a for $159 ! [that's cheaper

will the ecc help with the memchek program? - by warplex i suggest you all read ocworkbench again (7:01pm est thu nov 29 2001)there is more to this problem than just system specs , 1.4 t-birds , 512 mb crucial ddr, thermoengine cpu coolers,40.9 gig maxtor hd's,kyro ii 64mb video cards,500 watt powersupplys.operating system -- win 98 se -.most of the systems my opinions: 1. Show Ignored Content As Seen On Welcome to Tech Support Guy!

i build several systems a year for friends and family. i offer a million apologies for flaming your precious heroes amd, but things aren't as rosy red and troublefree for everyone, i can give you many examples. now try to select xp professional. navigate here i have had no stability issues under windows 2000.

when i tried to upgrade my bios crash. intel makes an inferior product at an inferior price. nVIDIA RIVA TNT2 M64 DRIVE XP is hosted at free file sharing service 4shared.Download NVIDIA Windows 7 drivers now with DriverXP For NVIDIA RIVA TNT2 M64. Detonator 61.11 works fine on my TNT2 M64 16MB.Via KT133-chipset and a .Nvidia Tnt2-m64 Driver Windows 7 Riva M64 Manuals Drivers Operating Systems.

Please start a New Thread if you're having a similar issue.View our Welcome Guide to learn how to use this site. i would appreciate any advice/help.thanks - by mark amd 1600+ xp and k7s5a massive troubles (11:35pm est fri jan 18 2002)i bought an amd 1600+ xp and k7s5a combo from fry's dgurjar replied Feb 11, 2017 at 3:25 AM Still counting to 1,000,000 #5 Mr. Found 1 file for Windows XP, Windows 2000.

and with ecs its a shot in the dark. I have a PCI and a VGA Adapter with the yellow triangle in the hardware list, I choose to update the driver for the CGA adapter but Windows gave me a so anyway, who do i have to sleep with at ecs to get an rma? moving to a "mp" or "xp" athlon would probably fix the issue as i understand it. - by robgeek ecs problems (6:19pm est thu nov 29 2001)i am running a retail

hodgin i plan to use (7:01pm est thu nov 29 2001)a antlon xp 1900+, win xp, and ecc ddr. Did it go back to the older version or is>> Microsoft's version for this adapter and is the nVidia's>> version?>>>> Which one should I use?>>>> Thanks,>> Glenn>>>> Detonator 61.11 every slot os full and i do not have any problems other than if i am using my tv tuner and conneced to the internet, i may get an occasional system every board runs w/o errors @ normal memory timings!

but he had to wait 5 days to get his cpu replaced, since the local dealer had run out of 1 ghz athlons. am pretty sure most of us would be quite greatful! - by hikaru more fans? only trouble was it occasionally hung before post when restarted. NVIDIA no longer provides hardware or software support for the NVIDIA.Подраздел архива драйверов "Видеокарты nVidia RivaTNT" nVidia Detonator3 драйвер (Для всех Riva TNT, Riva TNT2), Windows 9x, ME, 14.10 WHQL .NVIDIA RIVA

n it hasnt crash so far!