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I Cant C the Right Colorz

I cant connect to internet after reinstalling windows

I Cant Delete Quick Time From My Computer

I cant figure out how to shake this spyware/pop ups

i cant figure out what the problem is

I cant be a software issue. Surely!

I cant click reply on dell.com

I cant get a lot of games to start (Poe's thread)

I Cant Decide! :(

I cant get WoW to work

I cant connect to winmx:help!

I cant get ICQ to work on the network at work!

i cant get the porn sites off of my computer

i cant access any secure websites and msn doesnt recognize my account on this comp

I cant paste on word 2003 then open the internet explorer

I cant get on the net

i Cant press w

I cant hear you! (icant hear anything urrrgh!

I cant install using aol disk

I cant download with windows me!

i cant get rid of my diler.trojan

I cant run any scans.here is my Hijack log please help

i cant open my photo folder

i cant play any games

I cant get rid of Kazaa

I cant remove downloader.mislead

I cant uninstall Kazaa 3.0

i cant run antispy or install avg please help

i cant open youtube and metacafe

I cant find a certain part!

I cant run Nortons 360 antivirus

I cant install rct 1 on my flash drive heeeeeelllllppppp

i cant uninstall Paint shop Pro 7

I cant install ubuntu on my windows 8 acer xc600 machine

i cant install windows in asus eeebook after i wiped the def

I cant update my anti-virus

I cant connect to internet after I ran adwcleaner

I cant use web com through ISA server

i cant delete files from start menu

I cant see my 'D' drive

i cant open .jpg file transferred from MAC. i'm using windows.:(

I Cant See The Light !

I cant install

I cant delete a jpg

I cant get HJT

I cant put music on my Samsung YP K3

i cant start up any games or kazaa etc

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