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I Hate This Computer "HELP"


I know, right? Remember WindowsME and Vista, Clippy, or MS Bob? So much so every time I want to take a few screenshots I have to look up how to do it! In both instances, I can install new applications in a fraction of the time it takes to install something on Windows. this contact form

Trying to connect with you by using terms you're familiar with -- even if they're not. "Yeah, 'wipe,' like when you're cleaning a window, right? However, apparently Dreamweaver could not save a file to it, for whatever reason. Also, I noticed disk utility tends to not work for partitioning after partitioning the disk with Windows or Bootstrap. I can’t believe just how serious some Mac fanboys and fangirls get about the stability argument and that well-worn phrase ‘Macs don’t get viruses’.

People Who Dislike Computers

it's not logical or easier. On a Mac it’s not so simple. Much of it boils down to preference.

And whatever you do, don’t ever think about opening documents with large tables in, or with… images. Thanks For Contributing! × Don't forget to share! View this image › lifethroughlists.wordpress.com You stare at that little circle thingy wondering, “how much of my life have I wasted looking at loading screens?” ID: 2568098 2. updating an OS is awfully slow compared to Linux and Windows (over the Internet) but starting programs too do take more time then their Linux counterparts. 11) Less minimalism in GUI

View this image › myconfinedspace.com ID: 2574223 Check out more articles on BuzzFeed.com! My Computer Hates Me I use Word, Excel, Outlook, Chrome (the default browser Safari is rubbish, but that’s another story), and of course finder. On top of that you could just press command+space and search for any setting that you want to change, and you will be taken directly to the preference that you need I'm currently a second year graphic design student.

osxdaily.com fastweb.com ID: 2572203 27. Also, using Preview can counter some of the arguments about resizing, editing etc. Want to quickly print a document, or a series of documents? When you encounter either of these spinning circles of death.

  1. But don’t worry; at least your Mac looks nice!
  2. But in any Windows machine — even a brand new one with top-of-the-line hardware — it requires long minutes to enumerate and display the installed software; and to make things worse
  3. I don’t think I need to elaborate any more on just how frustrating this can be in a busy working environment, or say, when someone calls and you’re trying to hold

My Computer Hates Me

Thanks. Or, they've been playing some online flash game that just funnels in malware as fast as their connection and processor will allow. People Who Dislike Computers And removing any particular piece of software is not always a clean operation: cruft is left behind in the filesystem and the registry (don’t even get me started on my loathing computers Computer Show By Sandwich Will Expand Your Mind Into The New ComputingHorizon Early Apple Computer And Tablet Designs Reveal The iMac And iPad That Might HaveBeen Make It So: Ubi,

But, I think the ladies still like the sleek, light-weight design of the MAC, and you can still install Windows on them if MAC OS isn't for them. http://custsolutions.net/i-hate/i-hate-malware.php Snapping windows is essentially useless in Windows, since Windows does not allow you to scroll a window that you are not focused on. Apple could've done everything the same as Windows, just improved on things, and we'd be all so happy. Why?

It is Chrome OS. No right-click to preview. Microsoft tried the same with Windows 8 and saw that they were gone too far. http://custsolutions.net/i-hate/i-hate-my-computer-so-much.php I type 130 wpm and can slice and dice photos and layouts really fast…just to give an idea.

until I needed to port my application to the Mac. Like Nicholas, I’ve never had a malware infection on any computer I own; but I’ve helped lots of people — users I support professionally, and family and friends — recover from Reply » Dan 18th May 2015 at 6:54 pm Batch rename in OSX is pretty much the same conceptually as Windows.

But recently I transferred some videos to my flash drive from a Mac.

Ubuntu user #33,200. On a serious note though, what is the deal with this? I pick on Microsoft a lot, because I think they do a lot of things fundamentally wrong. Things sometimes go wrongThe third reason why I don't recommend fixing people's computers for free is because if you break it, you bought it.

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The second you realize you just unplugged your external hard drive by mistake. You spend hours trawling forums that’s what you do. Fortunately ….. Let’s try never.

If I could have one thing from a Mac on my PC, it would be this. You know exactly who has used it. Linux package managers do all the heavy lifting without any user intervention. Gaming a waste of time?

Schließen Weitere Informationen View this message in English Du siehst YouTube auf Deutsch. Because when I said "lose everything," I didn't mean, "lose just the bad stuff." I meant every motherfucking thing. He could have attacked Mac users, he just attacks Mac, even when commentaries are less than friendly (even you, good sir, end up rather abrasive despite your structured and reasoned arguments). For a ton more tips check here,here, and here. 2.

If I want something printed, I just send it to your email." I told her she could set it up using my printer, but she likes it the way it is.