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I can't recognise the virus

I don't know what kind of processor i have?

I have a hardware issue?

I have "System Alert" popup balloons

I have 25 minutes to unscrew myself with my work pc

i have a hijack this log that i need help on it pleas

I Have A Condom.i Mean Trojan! Help

I have a dumb router question

i have a AMD2800 pc and i need help!

i have a confused web cam

I have a few problems. please help with what you can

I have a few serious questions about MSN

I have a HJT log and a question.

I have a Backdoor.Sdbot

i have [emailprotected] can anyone help i have hijack

I have 100% CPU usage. Likely from SVCHOST. Please Help!

I have a non-cleanable worm.help please

I Have 2 Pc Problem's Plsss Help! :/

I have a crucial M4 SSD that I need to erase? How?

I have 12 svchost.exe

I have a bad spyware problem HELP PLEASE

I Have 35 Trojans?

I have 2 DLL errors on my computer and I can't seem to fix/remove

I have a PE_CIH virus.HELP!

I have a Dell Optiplex GX270. Can it support a graphics card?

I have a hacktool.rootkit problem

I have 4 trojans with the yellow triangle in the toolbar HELP!

I have a HUGE problem here guys (involving winantispyware

I have 2 Trojans!

i have a huge problem!

I have a BIG problem

I have 40Gb of files on my HD i cant read.

I have a virus PLEASE HELP! HijackThis Log in message

I have a Windows problem.


i have 2 more viruses.blah. when is this gonna end!? HJT log included.

I have a Norton Ghost Question

I have a serious problem and i can't find any solustions for it. please help!

I have a serious problem here

I have 2 administrator folders in my doc&settings

i have a pop up in i.e. that i can't get rid of

I have 2 Primary and 2 Secondary IDE Channels in my device manager +2 Ultra ATA Contr

I have a problem

I have a trojan virus and I'm clueless

I have A Thingy called "Roings"

I have a problem I can't find a info about anywhere

I have a wireless question.

I have a trojan horse dropper.generic_c.mmi

I have a problem in registering my windows

I have a Toshiba Gigabeat S.NEED HELP! (involves WMP)

I have a Buffer Overrun from Internet Explorer!

I have a Trojan - Here's my HiJackThis log

I have a major problem

I have a trojan (hjt log inside)

i have a major trojan PLEASE help me!

I have a Mal/Packer which i cant delete

I have a virus> HijackThis log.

i have a bunch of weird stuff going on here PLEASE HELP ME!

I have a dialer hijacker--pls help

i have a dos agobot.gen infection

I have a problem--please help me?

I have a laptop that needs drives that go beyond Z?

I have a dual boot partition NIGHTMARE please help

I have a feeling something is amiss!

I have a question.

I have a strange problem

I have 640MB RAM

I have a question about "downloadable graphic drivers"

I Have A Unheard Of Problem With WinAVI Converter

I have a lot of problems and can use all the help I can get.

I have a trojan and possibly other viruses as well Here is my Hijack This log

I have a virus "generic!atr"

I have done all the right steps but nothing

i have exactly the same problem - Trojan and a PUP

I have a virus & you helped me before

I Have a Problem.WoW

I have a trojan win32 and vundo virus

I have done the research

I have given up.

I have a spyware problem as far as the eye can see. includes hijackthis report

I have been infected! HJT file included.

I have a generic dropper trojan PLEASE HELP

I have google redirecting virus.HELP!

i have a question about svchost.exe

I have an unknown computer in my workgroup

I have addclass.exe in my files which I am trying to remove but I need your help.

i have a problem heres my hjt log

I have a trojan. Please help

I have a screensaver saved on a floppy

I have a question about Ares

I have hacktool.rootkit virus

I have hacktool.rootkit

I have a Zlob Virus for 64 bit Vista Can ANYONE HELP?!?!

I have a small question about getting email from the future in outlook express

I have been hijacked.again!

i have a trojan.please help.heres my log

I have many TIF have run HijackThis Please can you check the Log

i have no idea whats wrong.

I have been infected by worm.win32.netsky

i have a problem just a quick check hijack log inside

I have no idea what this highjackthis log says.

I have a virus/trojan/porn issue also.

I have a weired spy/virus . plzzz help

I have no idea where to post this-music?

i have kaspersky internet security 6.0 i need help

I have a devil computer.

I have an Hjt that wants checking

I have a problem with the built-in CD Writing software on WinXP

I have a Win32:Trojan-gen {UPX}

I have a virus! Please check this HJT log!

I have no idea?

I Have an Acer Aspire 3050 that freezes occasionally and can not resolve this

i have a trojan_zlob.dwx need help with removal. hjt included

i have a problem with trojan.digits helps please

I have a problem that I just can't figure out!

I have 'mefeedia tool bar. it's a hassle.

I have an idea

i have a virus.zlob.downloader.vcd

i Have HijackThis i just need to know whats wrong with my comp and how to fix it !

i have no internet conection with ubuntu 9.10 on an emachine e625

I have no idea what this is.HELP!

I have ICS but can't see each other

I have ICMP blocked on my wireless router.

I have aquired the network monitor trojan and here is my hijack this log

I have never gotten any viruses

I have 'lost' Windows XP Style appearance - please help.

I have been HiJacked.Plz help.

I have a trojan horse BHO infection. Pls help.

I have BIG problems.

I have some sort of virus

I have been trapitted

I have a Mega Virus/Hijack problem!

I have no history/visited links

I have a mess

I have no 'Summary' tab in my folder properties

I have avast! antivirus and two viruses infecting system32 files.

I have the HPWirelessMgr.exe error screen


i have another spysheriff infected laptop

I have no idea how to fix this

I have the Internet Speed Monitor spyware.

i have an hp pavilion laptop and it now has no available memory and i can't download

i have deleted the first part of my problem

i have a virus HJT log file included.

i have a question about laptop keyboards - is it normal for them to flex

I have 3 accts I am the only one that can connect

i have some sort of hijacker on my ie.help.hijack this log attached

I have backups of videos.whaaat?

I have aquired the P2P - worm here is my hijack this log

i have Applnit.dll and ossproxy.exe on my laptop

I have seven copies of instmsiw.exe - can I delete some?

I have an old NEC 9616 Ready problem

I have a problem on burning an .iso file

I have difficulties with Zepto Virus

I have no clue what im doing wrong

I have Gen. Adware.Heur. mg1 on my pc

I have that pesky FBI haux even after following a solved link

I have the JS.DOWNLOADER virus

I have estalive HELP Please

I have caused a mess

I have no idea what I am doing

I have suffered the wrath of about:blank HELP! PLEASE!


I have Swizzor and AVG keeps on finding it

i have the [emailprotected] virus! help

I have no idea what I'm doing. Help me out please.

I have a trojan 11.BB in an archive that AVG can't fix

I have Swizzor! Please help.

I have the Trojan Vundo.IG

I have no Idea what is going on!

I have the 401 mpv warning HELP ME!

I have the Trojan.Vundo

I have an error log dump C++ app crashing help?

I have several problems

I have something in here and I can't get rid of it

i have lots of pop ups and slow internet speed

i have downloader.trojan

I have the virus univ.script/99a (need help)

I have trojan.agent w/ fake alerts plz help!

I have an EMERGENCY question!

I have become cynical of MS

I Have the Vundo Virus And A few Other Issues

I have Kenny16.exe

I have a Trojan/Dialler

I have died & went to Smitfraud-C.CoreServices hell!

I have no idea what is going on. {Moved by Moderator.looks like Wareout}

I have the same problem this is my HJT log

I have the"[emailprotected] and "downloader" trojan

I Have A "Dummy" For A Router Question?

i have a bunch of stuff that shouldn't be there

i have one quick question about a motherboard 8(

I Have A Trojan and AVG finds nothing

I have an exam comming up and.

I have smitfraud-c & wild tangent (help)

I have a few trojans all of a sudden (vundo

I have a keylogger and a worm and my internet explorer is acting werid

I have too much STUFF on my computer.HELP!


I HAVE THESE POPUPS AND POP64 running cant get rid of it please help

I have the bloodhound.w32.ep virus

I have lost the listing for My History

I have the Sinowal.trojan.here is my HijackThis log

i have no idea what this problem is plz plz help!

I have som sorof virus please Help!

I HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM.Windows Script Host:Can not find script file C:\autorun.vbs

I have a virus. and an HJT log

I have two issues.HELP!

I have psw.x-vir

I have been infected with a Trojan ‘Zlob/BAH’

I have PSW.x-Vir spyware

I have no Idea what's going on.

I have several questions

I have NO idea whats happening to my computer!

I have two problems please help me

I have to constantly repair my connection

I have no idea what just happened.

I have two questions

I have no idea why this works.

i have looked everywhere for a answer

I Have trojan.startpage virus (zona02.exe) HELP please

I have the CWS Hijacker

I have lost all of my file associations! (EXPERT HELP NEEDED!)

I have two trojans Help!

I have SpySheriff. help. :(

I Have A Problem With Searching The Net

I have vundo ={ help before i cry

i have Minion Case Stealth Black motherboard and case

I have win xp pro and i cant get online using aol 6.0?

I have Virus Sweeper. DDS log attached

I have this much 1

i have the PSW.x-Vir trojan

i have the 'I-Worm/Bofra' virus/worm

I Have Vundo. Please Help Me

I have tons of pop ups

I have some laptop questions

I have vundo.Help?

i have this problem Generic.Ardamax.5A6CA3D9

I have been trying to resolve this for months

I have a big problem w/ my laptop

I have virtumonde.sci

I Have Problem With Hijack This

I have a Trojan: myurlff.exe

I have no idea what the heck is wrong with my lappy (BSODs? HDD? CHKDSK?)

I have some sort of a trojan adload virus situation

I have no idea what happened to my screen

I have a Question about installation of programs

I have the WebBuy Adware - web buy

I Have This Security Toolbar 7.1

I have problems

I have no internet connection and sophos says atapi.sys is a virus

I have the Vundo Trojan

I have that fake System defragmenter malware

i have some type of malware. ****3.exe

I have the Awax.Trojan. Can someone help? Hijack log inside.

I have an issue

I have the Adware-SubSearch.dr Trojan

I have tried for weeks to get rid of VUNDO

I have a vundo virus. What do I do to get rid of it?

I have the brand new flavor of spy axe

I have the ywnmon32 virus

I have tried to get rid of Zeus without any success.

i have spyware on my pc

I have to re-establish a dsl connection every time I reboot

I have the dreaded errorplace .com can you help

I have big problem!

I have trojan horse hijack this log included

I have another problem!

I have no clue what's wrong. X-(

I have no idea whats going on or whats broken.

i have the softomate.ietoolbar spy

I have had this problem for 1 year now.need help

I have Hijacker.DosPop_Toolbar

I have AOL - can i brdige .

I have Sys Protect Can't get rid of it!

i have trojan.spy.agent.JH

I have Trojan.Peacomm

I have Trojan.vundo

I have refreshed my vaio and now apps are gone help.

I have USB 2.0 then why is comp running 1.1

I have to reset my wifi box every hour or so

I have win32/fotomoto malware and need help

I have a TROJAN.VUNDO.H I cant get off my computer.

I have a problem with http://www.zshare.net

I have tried all your suggestions.

i have a virus that makes my computer laugh!

i have a virus but norton cannot delete it

I have a Vundo type virus I believe.

I have win32:Trojan-Gen{UPX!} and need help getting rid of it

I have welchia virus but can't be detected

I have Virtumonde AGAIN! Please help me

i have the vb.so worm. please help?

I have a virus: Weemi\weemi.dll

I have the Trojan. Zlob-X. a

I have a Problem with my Network Cards! Please help!

I have the 'b.exe' virus

I have WinAntiVirus on my computer! Help!

I have Antivirgear on my computer

I have an MSSMGR registry key virus

I have the Troj_samll.cc and worm_sddrop.cc Please see Log

I have win 8.1 & win live mail I have lost on the left side

I have Win32:Kreper-C [Trj] virus

I have a wierd problem ! PLEASE HELP ME :(

I have three quick Question's?

I have Windows 8?

I have look2me and purityscan on my computer and I cannot get rid of them

I have problem with security toolbar 7.1

I have a problem uploading photos suddenly.

I have my FIRST laptop.help

I have qhosts.apd trojan and w32/sdbot.wormftp virus! Need Help! HJT log file includ

I have wscntfy.exe.Help it leave please

I have some kind of virus. added HJT log file.

I have Road Runner but Web still slow

I have run CWshredder and Adaware now what?

I HAve Spylocked trojan and a Privacy_danger trojan that makes red screen on desktop

I have to sign in each time i open sites.

I have tried everything but nothing works

I have Smitfraud! Please help!

I have win32qhost virus

I have dartsock.dll error

I have Win32.Trojan.Dialer.hz help please

I have SP2.it works so far.quetion though

I have backdoor-cvt virus

I have that AIM Virus (bestfriends.scr)

I have got popunder.paypopup.

I have the herss.exe virus

I have scpstelth.cih ver.2.018.how to remove?

I have been Hijacked (hijackthis does not recognize it)

i have a bunch of stuff that chouldn'st be there

I have it! Sobig

I have issues - help needed

I have trojan + logfile

I have a Similar Issue

I have a similar question also

I have Trojan Clicker Spyre.Help ME!

I have to enter 4000 emails. is there a better way?

I have problems w/IJ 650 printer on XP

i have trojan spy here is hijack

I have trojans and downloaders - hijackthis included

I have some Questions

I have no idea what to say my problem is :/

I have the Black Worm Virus.need help! my hijack this log inside

I have SEVERAL problems at once!

I know I have a virus but nothing can find it

I have the WinAntiVirus

I have this virus called TR/Spy.Carberp.E Trojan

I have a problem with internal cd-rws

I have to use exefix08. Why?

I have 12 virus infections.

I have [emailprotected] and need help removing it

I have Trojans

I have trojans in my temp files

I have tried to do this 2 or more times now.

i have just scanned with anti-trojan 5.5 and now i am scared

I have windows 7

I have no clue what is going on.

I have WebSiteViewer PEASE HELP!

I have just bought a new COrsair 500W PSU and i'm having problems installing it

I have screwed up my registry

I have no clue what i'm doing help me please!

I have trouble connection nothing else does

I have DELETED explorer.exe file with KillBox. Can I get it back?

I have temp0.exe

I have the hacktool.rootkit virus and it keeps coming back

I need help with some problems!

I think i have a worm someone please help me

I think I have security problems (but I'm not sure)

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