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I Have Tried All Your Suggestions.

I've only ever found those that tell you to stop eating bread and packaged foods along starting with diet pills. Grandpat, Thank you for your positive affirmations, as well as your insight on this topic. Amazing feedback, so detailed made me really think about the stuff i was doing. I think I will follow, as I too have been thinking those same thoughts already.

I have decided that it's time to move on and I deserve better. Foxtel Access Foxtel All-Stars About Foxtel Customer Terms Legal Stuff Privacy Careers Contact Us

Menu Home Log in Join King Care Video Tutorials Choose a Game AlphaBetty Saga Blossom Dana Hi SuzannaRoseanna, Thank you for such a detailed and well-thought out reply. I appreciate your response and will take your advice to heart.

Thank you for responding and giving me such enlightening advice. Sarah Elder Charlie: I would like to thank you for your precious time in understanding my problem and providing adequate guidance in no time. Sign In Register Categories Recent Discussions Activity Best Of... Hello there, Thank you very much for your response.

but I can say I will take your advice on being happy, successful,completing my education, and telling my mom that I miss her. Thank you for taking time out to help me with my problem. Warmly, Rachael Thank you for your advice sooo much. You are right that I wont regret ever finishing college.

Your help and reassurance were fantastic, thank you ever so much! You guys are great. I appreciated iit so much. Goodness knows, I am so ready to have this tooth pulled!

Haha, wait until you learn PhP and Machine Language coding if you get into it that deep (: I will definitely try and create something in my life, as well as You don't understand how much this actually means to me. I appreciate you and the other Elders that take out their time answer my questions and offer advice. Thank you for your committment to caring!

  1. Do you know the answer?
  2. Thank you.
  3. I know it'll take time, but as time passes, I'm sure there'll be results, thank you! :) I feel like you went above and beyond to help answer my questions.
  4. This was so helpful. :) Homer, Thank you so much for your valuable advice.

thank you so much, your advice helped me alot. Knowing there is love all around is very empowering. I really needed to hear everything you told me, because whether or not I already knew it deep down, it helped me more than you know. I don't know why I haven't realized this.

You are a breath of fresh air in a smog of confusion. Thank you so much for a in-depth and uncomplicated reply. Even as I sent the email I sort of knew the right thing to do, as you suggested, to just keep after them for my pay and stay calm, but it Though I may need to build up my case I am glad I have that as a new or backup idea.

This is a wonderful service. I feel like i know exactly what i need to do. I truly appreciate the time spent in responding to my question. Thank you Gran Jan.

Yours sincerely, Geetha. i have asked my mother to spend time together and now were going shoping together today. Thank you for that advise and i appreciate your time.

I will definitely come back when I need more advice!

I actually have chosen to tell my ma. Alexandra - I just want to thank the elders who answered my request for advice. This website is fantastic! :) Thank you so much for your response to my letter. Thank you so much for the advice!

So thank you, and God bless you. It looks like you're new here. Thank you SO much, Homer! Hopefully it will see the WiFi.Change the channel on your wireless router.

I appreciate the feedback. As always the Elder really do provide excellent advice as we proceed with this journey we call life. I am a bit confused however as I would have thought that once I turned off the engine of my car the transmitter and ipod would be also off???? I will definitely not communicate with him on this level again.