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I Know Total Dummy. But A.S.Ap. PLZ

I'm sorry that real life has stepped in and deemed that I can't push progression as much as some others, but you and I both know I know the game well A friend of mine said conceal opers are like dogs humping your leg now, they won't hurt you but are very annoying. That DPS check looks monstrous. Now it's the opposite i guess, but still FOTMers will be like "y u no bring pt/sniper/arsenal merc?".

Ive tried various things like adjustimng text size in the browser ( google chrome) , screen resolution etc but still its so small! In general, the PVP TTK is too short and a total mess, due to the return to a prevalence of burst due to the singular fact that AP PTs are becoming Careful what you wish for. ^THIS! Click here to join today!

The only reason was because I didn't want to burden my team's progression for being a Juggernaut. how big is cap between some classes especially sorc/sage vs other ranged. What is the goal here? SO: I'd like to discuss solutions.

tl;dr: Thanks for the link, we all have seen it and it's not a balance. I know a lot of people clearing 3.* tier in February-March who later stopped playing and they didn't know like 90% Revanchists on the server when they returned. Not sure if we can just skip a security update? Quite plenty of Revanchists, especially post-nerf ones, are not any active in the community (and yes, those things are connected as they have less hardcore/just worse raiding groups).

yes no add cancel older | 1 | .... | 68 | 69 | (Page 70) | 71 | 72 | .... | 303 | newer HOME | ABOUT US | Many only brought their juggernaut as an alt, or for a no Bounty Hunter kill. That DPS check looks monstrous. Because if you'd read it carefully: a) 8% is unsatisfactory even for a dummy b) No one (no one in the whole world!) can translate his dummy damage to a boss

Operatives are. like... 3.something? So it really doesn't tell us a lot. We know that even with the current state of PT, the Damage Checks in Nightmare are very competitive.

  1. I've had a raid leader tell me to take the 25% damage utility for Carbine Burst in fights like Torque.
  2. Show me how to do as much AOE damage as Engi does while playing Viru.
  3. That's something that you can easily verify and tweak.
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  5. It doesn't appear to matter if a burst class sustains better or even comparable dps to a sustained.
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  7. wadecounty11.15.2015, 12:46 PMConcealment has never had good AOE, but at least pre-4.0 it was a strong single target spec.

Let us help! The only design philosophy we have seems to be try to get the top spec and bottom spec within 10% of each other then buff/nerf those outside of that. dino7 replied Feb 11, 2017 at 4:02 AM All files disappeared and... Divona11.23.2015, 06:15 PMCredit to Keitsu for his current parse analysis: Reddit 1.5mil parse analysis (https://www.reddit.com/r/swtor/comments/3txk5n/15_million_parse_report_card_thanks_santa_soa/) That is a nearly 1,600 DPS difference between the top and bottom.

However, given the game's developement with fights like the dread guards, Brontes, and Styrak, DPS has become a much bigger deal, and the unbalance really shows. The only thing Pyro has going for it right now is better AoE. Tech Support Guy is completely free -- paid for by advertisers and donations. Too bad Rebounders > all in 3.*.

The game was running very slowly all of a sudden, then the whole screen went black. Our rules apply not just to Reddit but also to In-Game Chat and Teamspeak! dolfinator11.14.2015, 10:25 PM/signed Lightening sorcs/TK sages also took a huge ninja nerf (-20% crit damage to the baseline skills) and they were already nerfed to hell even before that. In the 1.x era, they ranged from 10-30% off the DPS leaders, with far less utility than they have now.

Oh, and revert my mara movement to pre-4.0 state pleeeease. /signed. You think DPS Juggs are in a bad spot now? Webcam not detected.

And yeah we got it done like in April, kinda late compare to other top teams.

Close enough. The math behind the creeps gold.71 · 116 comments Should I ban OP champions (Leblanc, Jayce) in low elo where their pick rate is not high?25 · 37 comments It feels like life steal is Essentially we had me on a sniper to handle blades and for a shield, another sniper, PT for rebounders and jugg just coz Mag loves jugging. The OS is installed on a 120GB SSD along with Ubuntu, and Ubuntu... 0 0 12/08/13--09:01: Impossible MicroSoft Error Code Solution Contact us about this article * MicroSoft tell me that

Make at least 9 comments for every 1 post you make Comments on your own posts don't count. Majority of the Jugg kills were carries (including me) and/or farm kills by players who had already killed the fight on other classes and brought their jugg as a lollulzy alt. Buff Rage and Fury to something that is actually viable anywhere. How can I get IE10 to bootup quickly with out the hanging or freeze ? 0 0 12/08/13--06:44: System Restore now works, but...

I can't believe that this mess has gone live. Contact us about this article Like a tab manager in a browser, but for Windows Explorer? However the way the new content is balanced is still subject to scrutiny imo, and isn't entirely a class balance issue. If they do infact nerf PTs or any class for that matter they will nerf them to the ground and then those players will put up one of these threads in

What is the goal here? Solution: Make the PVP healing trauma debuff a tad stronger, part of the current PVP TTK problem is an overreliance on healers for increasing or decreasing the TTK, which is important, Sure my team asked me to bring a sniper so they could carry me (we only needed a ballistic and for the rest other classes had better personal dcds, so i hello Assassins...

Its not about what classes are brought on what raids, that's a symptom, but not the disease itself. And yeah we got it done like in April, kinda late compare to other top teams. Absolutely no elo shaming is allowed. you wouldn't hire them to develop or evolve the rules of your game for it to perform better.

We cannot give a timeframe for an AMA. Golden Rule Treat others how you would like to be treated. Advertisement Recent Posts Playing guitar RT replied Feb 11, 2017 at 4:24 AM Amd a8 7600 or fx 6300 with... No Saber Reflect, no Enraged Defense for a while (and when they did get it it healed 3% of your max HP per tick, 10 charges, costing 4 Rage to activate,

But barely anyone dared to bring sin dps to top-tier PvE progression in 3.*. After some minutes, an error message comes to my screen and says that- * Do you want to change the color scheme to... 0 0 12/07/13--05:42: Windows update failing to install TLDR: Dude, time to drink the Kool-Aid. Both bluetooth adapters turned on 2.

Majority of the Jugg kills were carries (including me) and/or farm kills by players who had already killed the fight on other classes and brought their jugg as a lollulzy alt.