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I Need A DVD Primer!

Because the data is physically small in u put too many size, the consistency of the disc surface is critical. Follow @TopTenReviews Follow @TopTenReviews Security Identity Theft on the Rise Due to Internet Flaws Constant internet access has become a staple in the average person's life, thanks to the interconnectivity of The more realistic you are, the more ease you will have in the creation of your audio-visual masterpiece. Movies -- The movie industry needs a disc capable of holding a full length movie of execellent quality video with surround sound audio.

DVD Multi is targeted at providing broader compatibility across DVD disks, and will embrace all existing format versions. From here it gets a little more involved … as we consider the lingo of disks, the standards (or lack of), the care and usage of disks. Camera angles - DVD can support up to 9 "camera angles". The DVD-RAM disc type is made to act a lot like a hard drive, where the disc can be formatted for HFS+ Macintosh or Windows type computers, and so on.

Exposure to bright sunlight may affect recordable DVDs, specifically write-once DVDs (DVD-R and DVD+R) that use light-sensitive dyes. Some people use cardboard sleeves … a low cost alternative to jewel boxes, but the rougher surface of cardboard can introduce minute scratches in the disc surface. Always store your If so, beware of regions and TV formats * Do I want to control all my entertainment devices with one remote control? There are subtle differences between the dye formulas and top reflectors used among DVD-R manufacturers, as each company struggles to find a "middle ground" that straddles the wide variations in laser

Originally designed for professional authoring, a version for consumer use is being developed. In some cases, the discs can become completely unplayable. LouCopits, Dec 12, 2006 #3 gotrootdude Joined: Feb 19, 2003 Messages: 8,812 There's only one brand of disks to buy! With a DVD, you can use menus and chapter points to let the viewer decide what to view and when.

Some dye formulations (such as phthalocyanine and azo) are more stable and last longer, 100 years or more, compared to 20 or 30 years for less stable dyes. And yes, you do need to clear music for film festivals, contrary to popular myth. Non-graphical menus have simple text-menu titles, or may just have one program, and launch that automatically.) From the menu (depending on the disc), you are able to access such features CD soundtrack deals mostly happen during or after post as well.

You might want to read this as well: How To Choose CD/DVD Archival Media http://adterrasperaspera.com/blog/2006/10/30/how-to-choose-cddvd-archival-media/ gotrootdude, Dec 12, 2006 #4 This thread has been Locked and is not open to Data is read based on pit interference at 1/4 of the laser wavelength, a distance of less than 165 nanometers. Representatives from many other companies also contributed in various working groups. Also important to mention is that out-of-context trailer rights (meaning use of the song and/or track in trailers over scenes other than the one it was originally licensed for) are treated

Permanent storage - It's a fact that videotape deteriorates over time. DVD drive makers managed to solve the problem. But that's where the similarities end. Whether your documentary is educational, biographical or political in nature, at some point music is going to play a role in conveying your creative vision and helping to tell your story

However, some licensors may quote higher rates if asked to commit to a fee for rights that may or may not be exercised in the future.    Broad Rights If you are Encode – to encode something is to transform or convert from one format to another, for example iPod to DVD. Also considered are the in-house fee guidelines of the particular licensing corporation or entity, as well as any pending copyright or legal issues or restraints. You can return to the same point in the movie you just left, by once again pressing the menu button.

  1. This preserves the full visual effect but locks you into the timing you used when recording the presentation. NOTE: A DVD played on a TV set has a small
  2. DVD ROM, DVD RAM, how a DVD works DVD Primer What is DVD?
  3. Pressed discs (the kind that movies come on) will probably last longer than you will, anywhere from 50 to 300 years.

DVD Multi is not a new format, but a set of specifications that will define which drives will read and write which disks for the various DVD consumer and computer applications. If so look for the "dual laser" feature.* Do I want to replace my CD player? Burning, then, is the transference of data from the hard drive to a writeable format – DVD-R, iPod, etc. In producing a Powerpoint slide, it is important to provide a ‘safe zone' with no text or image (apx. 15%) near the edges, so the text can be seen on a

DVD-R Like the CD-R format, users can write to this disk just once. It is used to store data. Major scratches may cause uncorrectable errors that will produce an I/O error on a computer or show up as a momentary glitch in DVD-Video picture.

Bet you thought it was Digital Video Disc.

Using this controller, the viewer can switch seamlessly from one camera angle to another, skip forward (or back) to the next (or previous) chapter point, fast forward and rewind, play slow-motion, Learn More Related Articles Catch a Legend: Marley on Screen Read more Welcome to LA: Film Festival Holds Its Own in Fest-Packed June Read more October 1, 2002 Redemption Song: ‘Amandla!’ Bitrate – bitrate is the word used to describe the size and time of a video or audio stream. Click here to join today!

It can handle 100,000 or more erasures, and should last for many years. There are much bigger compatibility differences between brands, so be careful about buying cheap discs. Horizontal resolution – defined as the highest amount of vertical lines in black and white that can be viewed by the human eye in any video platform. Inserting or removing the DVD can put an excessive amount of pressure on the disc, causing it to bend or warp as you attempt to remove it and possibly damage the

This product should supplant conventional CD-ROMs in the near future. It would be the most expensive, but would most likely include theatrical, video, DVD, all television, linear only Internet, new media, in-context-only trailer rights, etc. Member list back | Top Updated November 14, 2004 ____________________________________________________ Copyright© 2004, the DVD Forum | All Rights Reserved Jump to navigation My Account Login Donate Search My Account In fact, many of our own disks and programs have trademarks and may not be copied without permission.

Beyond video - DVD-Videos discs can store top quality audio, still images, and other multimedia assets in addition to video. DVDs can include direct web links. The advantage of using the slideshow feature is that you can have the DVD player pause indefinitely on each still until you press the Enter or Play key on the remote Of course to see this resolution you will need to view it on a high resolution television set, but even on an old set you will appreciate the benefits of DVD.

What's the basic difference between DVD and CD?