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I Need Help Please Or A Professional Im Only 15 =((

I actually was sobbing at the counter at one doctors office ( a friend drove me there) and they turned me away as they said they didn't take cash! Depression is Complex and Affects Many Areas of Life For people dealing with Major Depression, negative feelings linger, intensify, and often become debilitating. During a particular day or week, people can shift from good (or "up") moods, to bad (or "down") moods, or remain somewhere in the middle ("neutral" mood). do this everytime your agitated, it will relax you and make you aware of your body.....

it is uplifting to know there is help and support from people who share the sme emotions.i recon i m bipolar and hope to learn a lot more from this site.it I share this with you not only from my own experience, but I also have worked in the healthcare field for about five years and am currently in school to become i cant take this no more

Glenn Sep 2, 2008 Lost sight... 504 The page request was canceled because it took too long to complete What can oh wait i cant do that i have no gun.

Forget about the lie of having to look outwardly for your happiness and well being. I disputed the allegations all the way and filed for a Court date. take an hour out each day to do what you want to do and dont get caught up in the notion that you cant do that because of your schedule because I have been depressed for some time now.

  • That's the time when I'm having suicidal thoughts.
  • Thanks for listening.
  • Feelings cause actions.
  • It would almost been better if they had been killed in an accident, but this daily hatred is driving me crazy.
  • I am just sat here looking at all these tablets thinking TAKE THEM, TAKE THEM!

im currently on remeron had been on lexapro neither of these meds seem to help much any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

Anonymous-13 Jul 16, 2008 Don't ever give up, Further, instead of protecting me and my son from the horror of this person, the family law courts have empowered her to do so by denying me due process throughout this depression seeps into every crevice in your life and like a virus infects it till all there is, is lonelyness pain and a sense of unhappy loss. It is out there and the web and it looks like maybe Dr Phil is going to do a show on it.

But, I was a great father to my children. I have hit rock bottom and all I want is to DIE!!!! But my son went absolutely balistic. i have been experiencing manic-depressive symptoms for about 3 years now, and up till now i have tried to ignore them, but its really beginning to effect my life and i

After a thorough investigation, the case was dropped due to the lack of evidence. I developed panic attacks where i felt i was goin to have a seizure or something worse. and lastly, dont give up hope. This section will discuss historical understandings of depression, current biological, psychological, and social interpretations, and a range of available treatments.

This TED Ed video, by Helen M. I told him I that it is over and I want to move out. Alot of the people that suffer can turn your life around.You seem so sad today....Hope and Faith...I have learned to Live and I try to be Thankful for Something every single My ex wife's family never talks about anything unpleasant.

In the space of Seventeen months I have tried to take my own life, been in Hospital, had frequent visits with a Physiatrist (1x month), am on medicationfor anxiety and panic My son and daughter are 32 now and they totally hate me. to late my fears are so bad i think my heart will explode. Hi everyone,my name is Steve.I am 22 years old and i feel like ive lived too long already.i have a three year old daughter and that is the only reaon i

Never the less I was all the names under the sun. I'm trying to find a reason to live but I just don't know where!Can anyone tell me what to do, please? I am getting all these suicidal thoughts going through my head at this present time. This is a sucky, cruel, unkind world and yet I realised that there are homeless people that are happier than I am (was).

I need to just focus on my health and stop worring about everyone else for once in my life, because the bottom line is that no one was there for me i may be depressed but im not a evil personthankyou all

Steven Mar 10, 2008 Hello.... Men are more likely to commit suicide then women so know that and tell yourself its the testosterone plus men are conditioned differently as well.Ultimately we are all the same but

It's 03.35am On a Sunday morning.

i have bad moodsswings sometimes hyperhappy to super depressed hopeless and really sad..I am taking 50 mg of paxilcr and feeel this bad still please someone help me dawn elkins Jan i know how you feel...please please take care. That is why I started making art in the first place, because it was a way out of that.  It made me feel good again and not like just some guy I am a Christian and reading my Bible on a regular basis is what began to lift my spirit.

It is a set of feelings that express a sense of emotional comfort or discomfort. but I have felt always like i had peices of me everywhere. dont lose hope lets fight together i am a health care professional and i was diagnosed with depression for the first time 1 month back as i have been feeling low A REd Neck who is the polar opposite of me.

I have been told that I suffer from manic depression and that I am bi-polar, but I have never felt any of the highs that are associated with that. i feel like i think i should have been able to feel the past six years and possibly beyond. Today is one of many when I wonder if I should just be hospitalized for the rest of my life. And I'm losing my kids as well.

To make matters worse, my son bonded with Red neck and now he sees me as a danger to Hank and he will have nothing to do with me. Yet again, I have got a Solicitor on the case and the only thing we can do is challenge the wording obtained on my C.R.B. I can relate. Their mother was emotionally unavailable.

No more than I am I can guarantee you that.