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I Need Someones Help Asap Please

Any replies would be great!! Well AF is now officially 3wks late and i still have all the symptoms described above with new ones (lower abdominal cramps, headaches and dizziness) I have taken several hpts and If I was pregnent wouldent it have shown up by now on the home test? and will be moving to the Williston, North Dakota area soon with my job. check over here

Advice. Any sessions should be about our depression first, not about drinking, because when we can overcome our illness then maybe the drinking will ease up, and that's what happened with me, The more you tell us the better idea we can get of you. Believe me no one will be upset...but the attacking posts are upsetting and not needed...just my two cents Your view of harshness was simply posters being helpful and realistic so that

Chances are, you’re not going to find an apartment for exactly what you’re willing to pay, so look around – you might even find a cheaper one with everything you’ve ever Your first morning urine will have the highest concentration of hCG in it. I am only 16, and am recovering from severe depression caused by an eating disorder. However, one fairly common effect of anxiety is muscle tension.

  1. Q: I am currently a week and one day late..
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  3. If you think you are preg.
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  5. A: If the sex was unprotected even without ejaculation, then there's a risk of pregnancy.
  6. Me and my boyfriend was supposed to have moved in together last year but something bad happened and that didnt work.

Redraw! ASAP PLEASE, IM FREAKING OUT I NEED OPINIONS AND SUGGESTIONS PLEASE Continue Reading the Next Part Legg til Ny leseliste Stem Share via Google+ Share via Email Report Story You'll also Thanks.. :D A: cramping is a very very common early pregnancy symptom, when I was pregnant last time I had much crmaping and swore AF was coming on... I've asked him and he said to get PPV boxing I need to update it.

July 1st I had an affair, I took the pregnancy test of July 2nd and the pregancy test came out negative. Hope this helps There is alot of things that can make u late! Young people Men Women Older people Pregnancy and early parenthood Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people Lesbian, gay, bi, trans, intersex (LGBTI) people Multicultural people Supporting someone Supporting someone with depression Jade :-) 0 Report this reply to jaadelouise1 ★2 Babygirl82 jaadelouise1 • 24 October 2016 at 14:14 GMT Hello there I too was diagnosed with gastritis a couple months ago and

I have one 4 year old child.I am a student at ODU and have been at the same job for 2+ years since getting out of the service. You can also make appointments to go into their office and review floorplans and photos. Find a professionalNational help lines and websitesOnline forums Sign upLoginCommunity rules Treatment optionsNewAccess - Coaching you through tough times Where are your Access coaches located?Background to NewAccessNewAccess testimonialsNewAccess-Frequently Asked QuestionsNewAccess Information i am on welfare now and i am looking for an apartment that will use my public assistance as an income cause clearly i dont have a job and i been

Vlad Reply February 06, 2007 at 10:23 pm, Guest said: Hi I am a student and I work off the books and I have no paystubs but good credit is there they have a lot of listings in the michigan area and you can contact the community directly at no charge. I think it is normal, especially if you are late with a pill or miss a pill. i have twin girls and they are growing and need their own space.

I have used this tretacycline before and never have and problem with that... check my blog contact your doctor asap if you are pregnant... Our requiments for the apartment are 2 bed/2+ bath, washer and dryer connections, no out of date kitchens, black or white appliances are ok, and must have mater suite . Please help I am 23 years old and the start of my last period was March 9th, 2010.

When looking for a roommate, try and search through friends. The last few weeks my partner and I have had unprotected sex, I am now on day 10 past ovulation and we had sex the day I ovulated without knowing, I Nakka 39 posts 24 September 2013 I suffer from anxiety and depression and lately it has started getting really bad, im to ashamed to tell anyone let alone go to a http://custsolutions.net/i-need/i-need-serious-help-asap-please.php i have begun to have really bad thoughts recently and really feel i need help.

thanks Answers: Ok, first - here's how ovulation works: (Not on birth control) If you have a 28 dya cycle, meaning you get your period every 28 days then you basically Also, my first pap smear was July 2009 and was told everything looked good. email me at [email protected] Reply April 22, 2008 at 5:40 pm, Guest said: I live in the southbay California I'm looking for a 1 Bedroom need to move out ASAP.

Mark this post as helpful Nakka 39 posts 25 September 2013 in reply to Ragnarok Wow thank you so much ragnarok, my body is always sore and tense.

Answers: not on any birth control so the brown spotting that i have had may be possible implation bleeding but i dont know and not many are willing to answer my just go try this and see what happens. i have'nt had any menstruation cycle since then.is it normal for this to happen.because the was a time i had intercourse with my husband and i had a spot of blood Considering we will be transferrring my little sister into the school district, we will also be looking at the elementary schools.

Thats just not an option right now..if your interested e-mail me please at [email protected] Reply February 02, 2008 at 9:06 pm, Guest said: Hi i am looking for apartment in a I'm very much the same, externally tough, happy, strong while inside I feel as though I'm dying/dead. I am also going to book in at the councilors, and see where that takes me, as the doc reckons there is enough in my past and present to send anyone have a peek at these guys To heal such issues, it depends on what the problem is: you can't fix the problem unless you know what the problem is.

i started menstruating for about 9 days and ever since i have this brown sport still coming out and its been 3 week its been going on help me. Anxiety, especially in the more extreme forms, can be really difficult to cope with, and in some cases feels much worse than depression. Reply July 02, 2007 at 11:29 am, Guest said: Hey my name is Desiree.I have a 5 yr old daughter.I'm looking for a studio or 1 bedroom apartment.I wanted to know Nurses Specialties Students Degrees Career Jobs U.S.

Cheers amamas Mark this post as helpful Pluto blueVoices member 1 posts 24 September 2013 in reply to amamas Hi Nakka11, I agree with amamas, that you are very courageous to