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I Really Really Really Need Some Expert Advice.please Help !

And sometimes there is only 1 child, or two to try and take care of both parents. KimC This is great advice if you have a parent that is capable of listening and having a rational conversation. We can't do it all. Start new thread in this topic | Flip this thread | Refresh the display Add a message This is page 1 of 1 (This thread has 5 messages.) Join the discussion

Otherwise, the cognitive decline can go undetected with patient confabulation.Perhaps your husband can speak with him and reassure him that he is loved and that no one has any intention of It seems at this point that our hands are tied. Did either of them receive a (perceiveably) negative diagnosis? Your use of the site indicates your agreement to be bound by the Terms of Use.

And when you raise the question, I believe you are a good mother and think for your baby. This will be a lawsuit against your mother, literally, for custody of her person & finances. Frank Smith I got pseudo dementia in elderly mom resulting from uncontrolled depression despite psychiatric meds, noncompliance with medical care, lying, and it's the same thing as true dementia with the

  • My mother would not have thought of the consequences to me of doing this.
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  • We did this with my mother and got her off the road.
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They didn't offer brand names here....don't know why. DH said he was going to take DD to see PIL, I asked if he could maybe ask them to come here because of the weather.I feel it is an uneccesary My next oldest sister lives in lala land, where she likes to sound very knowledgeable and proactive, when in truth, she can't be bothered to help unless it somehow benefits What is even happening.

Please click here if you are not redirected within a few seconds. Children and grandchildren can only do so much. She is not senile it is simply her belief that her children and grandchildren should care for her even though it simply isn't feasible. His doctor has asked my husband (they are family friends) about why they haven't been to see him, etc.

I was like getting tired of her asking that same question and I answered: "Ugh, again with the same question". In these cases, my mother wanted to leave and insulted any & everyone who got in her way.After trying several different MDs, each with their own ideas about what dementia is, Use it to your advantage … Out of sight, out of mind. We've done that.

It is difficult to have someone who is legally an adult, but who society and possibly the law says you have to rescue because otherwise you are accused of neglect. SCORPIOUS might be a competing processor against Intel's i9 processor and will surely be cheaper.Also... Her father, 84, has dementia and her mother, 75, has a rare blood disorder. Elana Piranha wonder if you have advice for helping me with my resistant declining mother.

They insisted on her involvement in every step of her father's care. But even with her professional training, she has been unable to reason with her parents. The very thought can be overwhelming. Instead, they bought a home in Florida with a yard and a pool.

Or do what is best for her. And I have kindly confronted them about it and yet they still go back to doing the same exact thing. Because you don't know what people are talking about you to your child. They offer caregiver & financial / legal workshops, and other valuable resources free of charge.Many times, persons with dementia are prompted by external cues.

Raising a child with someone you personally don't like is the hardest thing. Sign up for MoneySaving Emails 17 MoneySaving tricks for couples Make £400 switching banks, get 2for1 for a yr's cinema + other tips Warning. Your mom will likely feel displaced.My recommendation is that the family brainstorm on developing a very positive approach to getting your parents to do what's best.

LatinLady430 Mary, this is a very difficult situation, but definitely NOT your responsibility.

Try visiting a few places with your mom. Not all aged parents are victims of disease. The other property can then be sold and funds added to the estate.As a final note, we should all downsize our accumulation of stuff as we reach retirement. He's a deadbeat completely, won't work or help with anything.

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MB dead..need to upgrade. Done with love and in the best interest of, this will solve many of the problems you face with the police, who are only defending you mother's legal rights until a It sounds rational but these situations aren't rational. I'm in a nightmare though.

Both my parents are 90 and won't listen to anyone. I feel guilty that with my health that I can't help out more other than to make suggestions….due to my poor health and genetics. This is annoying. They've all been very selfish and all of them deleted me off facebook.