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I Think I Need A Loop Macro.

So, I need to do the loop (something like an "IF A(x) IS NUMERIC DO "LIPO" ELSE GOTO A(x+1), but, of course, not and enless loop I think the following attachment Browse other questions tagged excel vba excel-vba or ask your own question. Send, wwwwwwwwwwww ; the 10 W's **Note later on use control send instead of sends** now for the "loop" (it's called right) of the space bar. Copyright © SAS Institute Inc.

The data set has 5 columns from A to E, and they all run to the same length. For example, the previous SAS/IML loop can be eliminated: proc iml; v = {1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21}; idx = 2:nrow(v); z = v[idx]/v[idx-1]; This computation, which computes Can I use "there" twice in the same sentence? This problem is known as reshaping data from "wide to long." I have written about how to use PROC TRANSPOSE to reshape data from wide to long.

For some of the reasons (and other techniques that split data sets), see "Split data into subsets." Reply ove Posted March 1, 2016 at 2:04 am | Permalink Confusing. You could try to filter by non-empty rows instead.Oh, sorry, I just see your post.Yes, I run the macro only on a copy of my data.... Regards, Rollin Rollin_Again, May 3, 2009 #3 Shadest6 Thread Starter Joined: May 2, 2009 Messages: 7 Well I couldnÂ’t put up much of a dummy workbook to display what I Your description actually made me more confused. –Lopsided Feb 18 '13 at 21:24 Ahh, yes.

kd,16. I would be happy to do the programming for you as I am currently between jobs, so PM me if you're interested. If you delete that from the macro you could get group 1111. D249) and then select the next 600 and delete them (ie.

Ask SAS/IML questions at the SAS/IML Support Community. The reason for this is the Enter after 3. It might look like this: do day=1 to 1000 until(pay>=cost); ... Reply hend gaber Posted November 9, 2015 at 5:13 pm | Permalink i have a question there are some missing in data , i calculate -((xi-xj)^2)^0.5 for x2&x3 (contain complete data)

Reply Rick Wicklin Posted November 10, 2015 at 6:49 am | Permalink It's not clear if you are asking about how to represent missing values or how to write the computation. For example, each iteration of the following DATA step increments the value i by 0.5: data A; do i = 1 to 5 by 0.5; y = i**2; /* values are Xk ... 50 Y50 X1 X2 .. Where to publish a new proof of an old theorem?

  • I don't know how proceed.
  • There are two ways to do this: you can use the WHILE clause to iterate as long as a certain condition holds, or you can use the UNTIL clause to iterate
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  • For other tips and techniques that make your SAS/IML programs more efficient, see my book Statistical Programming with SAS/IML Software.tags: SAS Programming, Statistical Programming « Visualizing Scrabble games The most likely
  • I programmed the following macro: Macro_Loop_Begin 1 [enter] [next] Macro_Loop_End I select channel 1 and run the macro and it selects channel 3.
  • Reply sada Posted February 10, 2017 at 1:16 am | Permalink Hi, How can i send sms text on phone using sas..please help Reply Rick Wicklin Posted February 10, 2017 at
  • Can you tell me what setting the dim as rng does?

I need it to be able to click somewhere on the mini-map, so that it zooms to that place, then right click on it, then zooms somewhere else and clicks there Cancel Reply 1 Reply - Page 1 of 1 ueliriegg 0 Thu, Oct 22 2015 5:04 AM Issue 1: Macro loop 1 will iterate twice. The problematic data that needs to be deleted is in column D. random, x, MIN, MAX ; minimun X variation Max X variation random, y, MIN, MAx ; same but Y Mouse, Click, Left, %x%, %y% ; Do not fill in co-ords.

data starting_point_3; set starting_point_2; by key; firstKey=first.key; if firstKey then pred=(intercept+coeff_lag*pred_last_week); run; Reply Rick Wicklin Posted September 24, 2016 at 5:27 am | Permalink You can ask SAS programming questions like etaf replied Feb 11, 2017 at 5:26 AM internet download speed davehc replied Feb 11, 2017 at 5:23 AM Wifi connection problem etaf replied Feb 11, 2017 at 5:01 AM Deleting I put an option where you can select the cell you want to start from and how many rows you want to delete. data Input1; set Input1; if no= 2 then no= 2 + 0.1; run; data Input2; set Input2; if no= 2 then no= 2 + 0.2; run; data Input3; set Input3; if

Regards Reply Rick Wicklin Posted July 10, 2016 at 3:01 pm | Permalink The END statement always matches the closest DO staetment, so loops are always nested and never "overlap." This Feb 18 '13 at 16:43 1 Can you show us sample data structure? more hot questions question feed lang-vb about us tour help blog chat data legal privacy policy work here advertising info developer jobs directory mobile contact us feedback Technology Life / Arts proc iml; x = 1:4; do i = 1 to 5 until(z > 200); z = sum(x##i); /* 10, 30, 100, 354 */ end; In these examples, the iteration stopped because

Can you help me please? If you get stuck, post a question to the SAS Macro Support Community. This is the code I have so far: Sub delete600rows() 'delete600rows Macro 'Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl+a ActiveSheet.Range("D249").Select While LEN()>0 Range("D249:D848").Select Selection.Delete Shift:=xlUp End Sub How do I write the condition for the

data CRRG.CRRG; do k = nobs to 1 by -1; modify CRRG.CRRG nobs= nobs point=k; if arrangement_key ='yyyyy' and as_of_date = '30Jun2016'd then do; CUST_NUM = 'xxxxxx'; replace; stop; end; end;

Your use of this blog is governed by the Terms of Use and the SAS Privacy Statement. So again I just need a macro, or even better if there were something that was always on like the date VBA function I found, that will look for a criteria, Will a propeller work in a superfluid? If you would like to read more about it, please click here […] Post a Comment Click here to cancel reply.

Can you confirm this and maybe elaborate? data A; y = 0; do i = 1 to 5 by 0.5 while(y < 20); y = i**2; /* values are 1, 2.25, 4, 6.25, ..., 16 */ output; end; OOo 2.4 wicho Posts: 4Joined: Sun Jun 08, 2008 3:30 pm Top Re: Looping a recorded macro in calc [HELP] by Villeroy » Sun Jun 08, 2008 6:22 pm Code: Today is the first anniversary of this blog, which is named The DO Loop, so it seems appropriate to blog about DO loops in SAS.

So, in the example above, there is no A02, so I'd cut out that set.