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I don't understand why people feel the need to lie about speed? Fastball change up, maybe peel drop!

Reply July 11, 2012 Danarowley98 @ 8:57 am Hey everybody,For the most part I agree with what you're saying, but I am a first year OH I almost forgot, that's just my humble opinion! A 1st baseman's glove still has much padding in it, but has finger holes for them. check over here

Balls are only called verbally, with no hand gesture. Image to the right demonstrates a legal pitch as the push-off foot has not left the ground. I am not the only one who is throwing close to the 60s so those who think its not true it is Reply July 11, 2010 julia @ 3:24 pm Hey, Some are: the fastball, changeup, dropball, riseball, screwball, curveball, dropcurve, dropchange.

Softball Cheers

Do you do it where everybody in the entire stadium knows you failed? I never have to tell her to do her homework and can't count the times she has worked on it in the car on the way home from softball in the The tips and suggestions, varying from the practical to the emotional--safety, nutrition, sports equipment, team drama, mental toughness, dealing with dad--will help you get the most from your daughter's softball playing there's no such thing as a rise ball under 60, and if you look at the physics of pitching.

  1. Logged hotshot33 Guest Re: Can a boy play softball? « Reply #37 on: May 22, 2007, 12:22:23 am » well we have established that a girl can play for a boys
  2. Foul balls are called by extending both arms up in the air with a verbal call of "foul ball", while fair balls are indicated only by pointing towards fair territory with
  3. She loves the game and works really hard.
  4. Would this be such an enormous problem that the school would be forced to offer a baseball team?

A bunt is another form of batting. If you are playing catch, the best position to be in is the “ready position,” with your knees slightly bent and your torso leaning slightly forward on the balls of your Pitchers use deception as a primary tactic for getting batters out as the reaction times are approximately half a second or less. Softball Facts Re: Can a boy play softball? « Reply #24 on: May 18, 2007, 12:52:40 pm » Their choices would be;A.

Reply June 1, 2009 Sydney Sowinski @ 2:18 pm hey, can you send me some ways to keep my arm loose in a game, to improve my pitching speed. Softball Rules The line will be 180 feet from home plate.[29] One possible rule requires male batters to "switch hit".[30] Some leagues even use different balls for male and female batters.[31] While these MY DAUGHTER PITCHERS @ 44MPH Reply June 30, 2011 lellasaur @ 10:37 pm Not really. A home run includes any ball that bounces off a fielder and goes over the fence in fair-territory (depending upon association and local league rules) or that hits the foul pole.

P.S, how is/was it at A&M because I want to go to that college. Difference Between Softball And Baseball However, not all softball diamonds have these safety bases and they are much more common in women's softball than in men's. Work on the mental part (e.g. The number of balls and strikes is called the "count".

Softball Rules

Me???) But there's going to be an adult on the other line and I might mess up. I really want to emphasize that everything you say to your child sticks to them, some is forgotten but the criticism and negative comments about their abilities and skills will have Softball Cheers http://www.softballpitchingtools.com/speed_club.htm My 8th grader has a max speed of 61 mph but only throws 58-59 in games. How To Play Softball However: we measure her speed at the plate.

by the rule I would say yes, but I am not sure that is correct (nor have any requested). It also helps if they can run fast but it isn't a requirement. I never ever thought she would be a pitcher. there's 5 MPH drop to the plate. Softball Quotes

My daughter Kendra is 15, playing on an 18U team and she is only pitching 55mph but moves the ball very well. Center fielder[edit] The center fielder's position is in the middle of the outfield directly behind second base when looking at the field from behind home plate. FearlessFriday Arkansas only one stop for High School Sports! Time to work on my 20+ positives.

With that said, the road to becoming a collegiate athlete was filled with many positive and negative events in my career. Softball Positions Co-authors: 108 Updated: Views:416,948 80% of people told us that this article helped them. Reply August 2, 2010 savannah @ 10:33 pm wow looking at this puts me in a diffrent look at my cousin, ashleigh.

I consistently threw 59-60.

i have been playing softball all my life and have only been taking pitching lessons for a year now. This results in a ball being awarded to the batter, and any runners on base advancing to the next base. Reply February 23, 2009 Marc Dagenais @ 10:45 pm You have to keep working on speed all the time. Softball Field FearlessFriday.com is an LRB Sports Media, Inc.

With two outs, the batter can attempt to run to first whether or not it is already occupied.[24] Depending on the league in slow pitch only a foul ball with two I remember those comments and how it felt. Reply November 27, 2012 SI Dirt Dawgs 14U @ 8:50 pm I agree with the posted speeds. If you are batting, then that's on the pitcher but if you are outfield or infield, if you don't catch the ball properly, then you could get hurt.

About this wikiHow 1,285reviews Click a star to vote Click a star to vote Thanks for voting! Metal cleats are often outlawed in softball leagues, as they pose a danger to players who slide or fall on them. Softball teaches and allows young girls to experience more than just striking people out and hitting a home run (yes, I know, those are 2 of the best feelings in the When pitchers throw riseballs, batters see the ball coming in straight, but as the ball approaches the plate, it rises.

They walk the batter by hitting them with the ball. Logged b-ball fan All Star Posts: 2,083 Karma: +443/-175 Re: Can a boy play softball? « Reply #18 on: May 18, 2007, 09:56:57 am » Danville has Softball but no baseball...can Reply December 18, 2011 Liveyloveswhitey @ 10:35 pm I'm 13 and starting my first season of 14U ASA travel softball in the spring, and I have been estimated by my coaches Don’t stagger your feet so one is further back or forward than the other.

Logged fluffymomma Guest Re: Can a boy play softball? « Reply #35 on: May 21, 2007, 05:03:53 pm » Quote from: duckhead on May 21, 2007, 03:03:54 pmQuote from: fluffymomma on It seems faster because again the time to reach home is less but scientifically the speed does not change. Along with that fastball she has a change up at about 45 mph, a rise, a drop, and a curve. Re: Can a boy play softball? « Reply #4 on: May 17, 2007, 12:06:44 pm » Quote from: True Fan on May 17, 2007, 11:56:03 amHe could, but then the team

It's a given though when getting in front of the radar gun the girls tense up trying to throw hard and the speed will go down. Caps are mandatory for male players. Left fielders must also play a role in any run down situation between third base and home plate or back up any plays that happen at third base in case of Your feet should be shoulder width apart, and not staggered.

Amanda Scarborough . I have seen some monster 10u players that could throw it 47-49 but that was one girl. Reply November 30, 2015 Paul @ 5:09 pm Hi Mike I used to play mens fastpitch at the world championship levels.