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I Want Use My Computer Power Supply Unit (12V)

Power supplies in today's computers are known as SWITCHMODE or Switching Mode power supplies and require a load to continue to operate after being switched on (the term switching mode actually Jacob Dykstra 192.454 weergaven 11:37 Use a Computer Power Supply For Your Turnigy Battery Charger - Duur: 9:55. You'll have to look at the nameplate for the specs. Laden...

Number 2, for the PSU to correctly regulate the +5V output voltage it needs to have some sort of load attached, at least 5W to trick the PSU into thinking its Be warned that many of the heat sink greases can be quite toxic and any excess should be cleaned up and disposed of properly. If not, what does we need to enable that?


I have an old power supply from a LinotronicRIP50 that is not working.

The power outputs are 12V (6 amp) and 5.1v (20 amp) Maybe this summer.

I used an older ATX power supply. Steps 1 Look online or at your local computer store for an ATX computer power supply, or dismantle an old computer and remove the power supply from the case. 2 Unplug I have this PSU that was intended for an HTPC, but that project has fallen by the wayside. Reply darrennie April 4, 2014 at 9:59 pm Thanks James, exactly what I needed.

Thanks for your submission. Today, we’re going to strip the PSU to its bare essentials, then add some helpful sockets onto the case that we can plug projects into. An old PC power supply unit makes an excellent and cheap bench top power supply for the electronics constructor. To help keep them insulated, I cover the connections with heat shrink tubing.

Ensure that you discharge the capacitors. You should never tie power sources together that have different ampacities. Subscribe to Make Magazine Today! In that case, it's better to put a 10 Ohm, 10/20 Watts resistor in series with the 12 V output, in order to not overload the power supply.

You can test the output voltages using a multimeter or connecting a 12V bulb into the different sockets to see if the PSU works. Power Switch and Indicator The green wire acts as a power on switch – simply ground it to turn on the PSU. Updated: March 13, 2009 Improvements in battery technology, brushless motors and more robust speed controllers have allowed "electrics" to expand into model sizes that were once the province of nitro and All the other rails are messed up as well 3volt=5 5volt =8.something Dave Ferreira Hey Palmer, I'd be interested in seeing your variable circuit.

FOLLOWING colors of wires are Red, orange, black, purple, white, brown, gray nd sky blue. The pre ATX supplies didn't have this feature. If it shuts itself off, then you know that your power supply has a minimum output requirement.To take care of this, you can add a power resistor between the 5V terminal Advertisement Components Needed Two 2.1mm barrel jack and socket – I’ll be powering the Arduino directly with this.

Later herinneren Nu bekijken Conform de wetgeving ten aanzien van de bescherming van gegevens verzoeken we je even de tijd te nemen om de belangrijkste punten van ons Privacybeleid door te Here is my power supply: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817151027 Faizan Nauman PLEASE HELP ME! Laden... Laden...

Hope you found this Helpful,Those fans do tend to get full of dust and "jib" somewhat.Cheers.Les. These are the same for all ATX power supplies: 3.3V wires are orange; +5V wires are red; -5V wires (if they are present) are white; +12V wires are yellow; -12V wires Desktop Power Supply from a PC Updated March 13, 2009 (See the narrative and disclaimer at the bottom of the page) Do you have an interest in converting one of these: asked 3 years ago viewed 1910 times active 2 years ago Related -3Computer power source1Use 3.5V power LED connection on motherboard to control a 12V lighting accessory in a computer case?1Can

When in doubt, try the lower voltage first (+3.3V). Posted on September 09th 2016 | 10:13 am Reply B Bob Maxwell I cannot get my ATX supply to turn on. Please help me!

It seems to run fine without it, but there has to be a reason behind that.

to separate binding posts), does that mean I can have two 12v supplies with different current (ie. For example, I have a crappy 250w from an old Acer. This one is set up for a logic lab, hence the +5, -5, +12, -12 volt taps. To get more room you can mount the fan on the outside of the PSU case Also some power supplies need the grey and green to be connected together in order

Scott Perry I wound up trying my hand at this, with a few tweaks. Mine ended up being grey. If you must remove it, use a meter to check for voltage on the pins of the largest capacitors. Since these are salvaged, the fans have been in use for some time and normally the bearings are dry -- I use a high grade sewing machine oil from SINGER.

Be careful, though: if your battery is too discharged, the power supply short circuit protection will trigger. I also won’t be using the purple or grey wires, instead wiring a 12V illuminated switch. Warnings When drilling the metal case, make sure no metal filings get inside the PSU. INTEL has continued to modify the ATX specifications to include additional power connectors to support the increased power requirements of the newer motherboards.

Here’s how. The LED (light emitting diode) was also salvaged from an old PC. So be paranoid when getting close to the internal circuitry. Thank you!

Also can serve as a quick tester for all those old supplies I have taking up space. I have power supply 220 W (hardware.nl/power-supply/dell/rwfhh.html) but is old and I want to change it little! Navigatie overslaan NLInloggenZoeken Laden... Cut it short and insulate it from the rest.

Input frequency 50 / 60 Hz My question is can this be done from a computer power supply? Like the iPhoney. Is there any way I can get more amperage out of my converted PSU? Did you just put a panel-mount pot in series with the connectors?

If yours looks different that the pictures shown here, make sure you reference the position of the wires attached to the AT/ATX connector rather than the colors. How can this aircraft be stable/manoeuvrable? Now when the switch is pushed, the LED will still be lit, but instead of 12V being sent back out to the centre pin, the GND will be shorted with PWR