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I believe my router has been hacked.

I been told I have been hijacked

I am told that some of the CA internet security must still be on my computer.

I can't find out what is wrong with my computer

I can't keep my computer running for more the 20 minutes

I can't get into my computer

i cant stop a hacker? accessing my laptop & router

I don't see fpink or fgreen in my volume control settings

I can't get the internet to work on my computer (LAN connection)?

I have a hacker on my PC

I have a virus probly Hackingtool or somthing

I have messed my computer up

I have ruined my computer!

I have run all the checks CAn someone look at my hijack scan now

I have unlimited popups here's my hijack log HELP

I may have told my computer it is what it isn't. (HAL drivers

I just wanna sleep. my computer

i keep getting this on my computer everyday

I NEED HELP! precisonad has taken over my computer!

I need someones help right now with a computer

I restarted my computer and many of my files were deleted

I really need some help with my computer

I think I was hacked and have a keylogger! Please help!

I think I helped someone hijack my computer!

I think my computer security has been compromised?

i think my system is hijacked help

I want my computer to be on speed!

i think some one has control of my computer

I think my computer has been jacked!

I think my PC has had it

I was told to get security on my desktop because of hackers.

I think i got hijacked.

I want to clean my pc. I'm tired of error messages.

i think something's wrong with my pc

Icons in my computer

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