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i am getting no sound from my speakers

I am not receiving sound from any website streaming

I Cant Hear Sounds On Youtube!

I get sound from iTunes but not from Youtube

I E 8-No audio

i don't have sound at all

i got no sound (windows)

I get sound problems with some games.

I have no audio

I have no sound on YouTube site. Why?

i have sound card trouble

I have speakers but no sound

I have no sound

I Have A Problem. (With Sound)

i have no sound at all

I have no sound for a while and I'm tired of it!

I keep losing sound. any thoughts?

I have Sounds again!

I lost my sound please help.

I lost all sound!

i lost the audio of my pc

I Lost all Audio.Need Help

I lost my sound

I have no sound pls help ! :(

I Have Sound

I need help with sound issues.

I need help: my computer plays no sound!

i read sound plays on my pc but no sound comes out.need more help

i solved the sound errror now i have missing files!

I/net Video-no Sound

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