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Huge pop up after exiting the net

http://www.photowinxp.c4.fr/ keeps popping up

I am getting these pop ups from nowhere and i have tried everything

I am having so many pop ups

I am getting pop ups?

I can't get out of POP UP land HELP!

I can't seem to get rid of the internet connection popup

I can't stop pop-ups with address Securepaths.com/pixel.cgi on my iMac

I can't get pop ups to pop up!

I Give Up - popup / hijack problem

I hate pop ups

I Hate These Popups!

i have alot of pop-ups! not internet pop-ups

I have massive amounts of pop ups

I have lots of security pop ups

I have more pop-ups than is logically possible. help!

i have a really bad pop ups proplem

I have trouble with the dreaded 680130 popping up all the time

I have the Scanmedios issue

I have popups and can't seem to stop them

i have problems with pop-ups even with blockers

I have started receiving pop ups

I Keep getting popups in IE (when not even open)

I Keep Getting Win Antivirus Pro Pop Ups Please Help Me

I keep having pop ups with adtgrt url.

I Keep getting Pop Ups

I need help stopping IE Popups!

I need Help Bad! IN POP UP HELL!

I need help with pop-ups

i need help with popups

I neeg to get rid off pop up url

I want pop-ups to pop up

I.E. Popups

I.E. pop ups

i want my pop ups back!

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