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HTML/Infected.WebPage.Gen [virus] & Redirect Tabs

Hyperlink in email is being redirected to Internet homepage

i am getting redirected to gugle

I am being redirected

I also have problems with my browser redirecting me to random sites

I an infected with google rediret virus

I believe I have a REDIRECT Virus

I cant update various spyware/ malware/ AVG - and google search gets redirected

I get redirected when I use search engines.

I get google redirects

I get re-directed everywhere I go

I get redirected

I have a google redirect virus.

I have a redirect problem and need help

I gots one of those google redirecting virus jobbies

I have a GOOGLE search VIRUS

I have aquired a redirect virus

I Have a Rediect Virus ("Happili")

I got that Google redirect thing.

I keep getting redirected

I keep getting redirected when I click on a google search result

I keep getting re-directed

I keep getting redirected from google & yahoo to random sites

I keep getting redirected to random pages and when I click a link on google

I have the redirect virus too.

I keep getting redirected to other sites when I click on links in Google Searches

I keep getting redirected using google searches.

I must have some redirect virus. Help!

I know this is surprising but google searches are being redirected

i restored my computer and i am still being redirected to other websites!

I think I have Virtumonde. anti-spyware pop-ups in IE and Google re-directs

I too keep getting redirected to wrong sites

I.E. Redirect

I.E. highjack and redirects in firefox

I think I have Google Redirect Virus

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