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HUGE number of POPUPS. Need urgent help!

I believe I have malware called trojan.fake something or another

I had a virus

I Have A Virus PLEASE HELP! -HJT Incl-

I have a virus please help.

I have a trojan and tons of voice-ups and pop-ups

I have a vitus please help

I have been severerly hijacked and infected with virus

I have MASSIVE Adware/Spyware/Pop up problems.

I got serious viruses! Please help me!

I have a virus that has knocked out all my security please read the messag

I have been told that my computer looks infected by another forumm

I have trojans and IE pop-ups

I get random IE popups because of a trojan downloader

I have major virus/spyware/pop-up problems

I may have a virus or m

I keep being warned i have malware.

I Need Help Badly! Viruses are killing me here

I Think A May Have A Pop-up Virus How Do You Remove It?

I think I need a certified guru here. because I've followed all the steps.

I think I've been hijacked again UGH!

I received a virus warning - Is it real?

I think there is a pop up virus

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