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hp pavilion touch pad

Hp500 Officejet Printer

http:/// displays in address bar & refreshes every second

HUGE bandwidth usage problem

HTTP getting changed to HTTPS! (Moved from Windows 7 forum)

Huge RAM problem/

Huge Problem! Drag & Drop Issue and Lots more

Huge computer slow down and internet connectivity issues

huge right-click context menus

Hybernate instead of Shutdown

Huge uploads eats my bandwith

huge problem with my wireless shutting down before my game even lets me play!

Huge problem regarding norton screwing up windows

I accidently deleted the audio off my laptop.

huge delay reconnecting to network shares

I accidentally removed my sound card - help

huge delay when trying to change desktop images.

HUGE problems! Programs just stopped working

I accidentally deleted my audio device. Please Help!

Hysterical restarting after SP4 download

I am not able to play videos anywhere

I am not recognized as an Administrator

i am not using any antivirus program

Hyper-V on Windows 10

I can download windows 10

i cannot click on any items on my taskbar!

I cannot get pass the window logo

i can open program files and win files

I can't boot up Windows after Windows 10 was downloaded

I cannot open programs such as google toolbar

I cannot get my CD-ROM to play music!

I cannot get my microphone to work and have no idea why.

I can't even access the DMP files to upload in order to ask about the BSOD and other

I cant Defragment.

I Cant Get Home Activated

I Can't Get Any Sound after Reinstall

I am going to get my computer upgraded

I cannot load Windows

I cant defragment and get errors

i can't find the drivers of my old pc. please help.

I cant get into Add/Remove Programs

I can't hear sound. No audio device.

I can't figure out how to get rid of a pic from my startup screen

I can't open my files on my desktop or in my programs

i can't access/delete a file

I Can't Save My Files!

I cannot open windows

I can't get my optical mouse to work on my older computer

I can't go on the internet after returning from the screen saver?

I Cant Install Anything!

I can't fix the 0x000000D1 iaStor.sys problem

I can't see "Security" in "Control Panel".

I can't Delete Second user accounts.

I can't get several older programs to run

I can't get the full speed of my CPU

I can't open any folders.

I can't share my files over a network

i cant install norton sistem works and firewall

I can't turn off my computer!

I deleted something from my registry and now I'm having problems

I can't install my printer properly with Vista.

I cant seem to upgrade to windows 10!

I can't get rid of Windows ME

I changed my SID and All my computer files are gone

I can't get my pictures to open correctly

I couldn't even get my computer to start. Something about CHDKDSK? help please.

I cannot set my account to Administrator

I cant hear any sound and all my drivers are up todate HELP!

I dont have any icons or start menu.

I do not know whats wrong with Windows

I can't update my programs

i cant find a microsoft driver for my network card

I did system recovery twice on my laptop since i bought it

I can't run any virus scans w/o PC freezing up!

I can't make iTunes my default media player

I can't find my audio drivers.

i deleted bugcheck.

I cant open any of my folders.

I broke my automatic Update?

I dropped to 6 GB RAM From 8 GB

i downloaded some stuff and now my computer is like a slug

I can't defragment.

I cant Start registry

I cant share files on my network

I can't turn off Windows Update.

I get stuck on windows installation

I can't get past the first bootup screen

i did something to the pc and i need to restore it

I get this msg when opening some programs

I dont know if windows problem

I factory restore stops

I have a horrible virus that is slowing my computer down!

I have 4 gigs but its showing 3.5 GB of ram on my system information please help fast

i got a message saying Fate application error this game will now exit i am running wi

I hate MS sometimes--WMP problem

I have a Windows problem - I think.

I don't want to view thumbnails

I have a downloader virus! - Please help me! - My Norton can't get rid of it!

i have lost my Audio Device.

I have a very serious prob vth my sys

I have a problem in my windows

I have an issue trying to open registry

i have stability issues

i have problems with my bluetooth. i deleted driver files from win. directory

I have no pagefile.sys (show hidden files: ON)

i get the BSOD when ever i try to log in to windows live messenger

I have an extra partition on my harddrive and i don't know where it came from

I have tried eveything and my Laptop still freezes!

I have no sound! Can't find the right sound driver!

I have to repair wireless network connection before connecting.

I have Win32

I have to restart explorer every time I reboot

I have windows 10 and its not letting me change anything.

I just installed win 10 ipconfig/all shows fixed IP

I having trouble with install it

i keep freezing and cpus are high

I installed Windows Vista And It doesn;t read my cd's

I know where my crashes started!

I lost my USB connections.not really?

I Messed Up with REGEDIT--Please help


I installed OnTrack Fix-it and McAfee Anti Virus and now have no sound

I just can't figure this out!(windows on desktop won't disapear when closed)

I Messed with the Add/Remove Windows Componets and Know My Laptop Can't Play DvDs

I left my firewall down - now big problems!

I lost my toolbar at the bottom

I need a Driver software please .for Creative ct7165-d

I have a virus that is slowing my PC and lagging videos

I need help fixing xp after download/install/update of Quicktime - windows won't open

I lost Microsoft games!

I made a HUGE registry editor mistake

i know there is know serial# or cd keys allowed but please listen up!

I Know What File Is Causing My Problem.But I Cant Find It!

I messed up my registry! HELP

I need help with system service exceptions tcpipsys windows

I need help with my Windows ME system restore.

I need more powerful Windows 7 but I'm unsure of my current set up.

I need to fix my user account back to be System Administrator.

i need the media sound and the ethernet drivers !

I Need To Boot Twice ?

i screwed up and cant get personal files back./

I put a logon password on my laptop & was wrong 3 times

I run defrag and now my 2nd HD is gone

I think I deleted WINLOGON from Registry

I think I forever screwed up my computer with an attempt to reinstall.

I need help with my start bar!

i think my audio drivers are messed up

I think I have corrupt registry files.

i tunes update 10.5.2 won't launch on windows vista

I tried to fix something and changed "my user account"

I updated Windows and now I can't move!


I tried to uninstall Windows 10 and uninstalled everything

I tunes _touch Windows problems.

I want my windows 8.1 back

I upgraded to Windows 10

I want the login screen gone!

I think my drivers are messed up!

I want to download windows 10 but.

I wiped out my OS with Hyper-V. In need of help.

I use xp and alas i have a problem.

i want to make my own desktop skin

I want to turn off Window 10 Updates from Microsoft.

I.am.running.super.slow! Help!?

i7 rig slow boot into Windows & DOS

I woke up and could not get in to my computer!

IBM PC SafeMode Boot Loop

i.explore.exe - computer keeps shutting itself down.please help!

icon size changes big\small for no reason rapidly

Icons Constantly Refreshing (All of a Sudden)

Icons And The Task Bar ?

Icons + Taskbar disappearing

icons and windows opening and closing by themselves

Icons and files messed up! Need help plz.

Icons on Programs List

Icon Files - Locating

icons and task bar disappear when computer wakes

Icons running programs on Taskbar

Icons on taskbar not highlighting

Icon problems and files not opening

Icons on the Taskbar

Icons Missing in Explorer

Icon shortcuts wont work

Icons don't show up almost everywhere and applications crash when clicking on open

Icon images missing after upgrade

Icons in the SysTray keep coming back

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