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I Am Not Using Any Antivirus Program


And last but not least USE your brain. :) Nice to read that I am not the only one that follows these procedures. So: If one wants (some) peace of mind, and wants to delegate responsibility for system integrity and security to someone else, and live with the costs and consequences of that delegation, Seriously, if this many people think they don't need an ACTIVE antivirus, then run-- do not walk AWAY from the folks and their advice! Http://imasucker.com/makememoney/giveawayyourbankaccount.html 3 2 years ago Reply Richard Culverhouse Lol 0 2 years ago Reply Godfred Frempong Malwarebyte+defender works great as a team 0 2 years ago Reply luvking05 I stopped using have a peek here

As someone who has fought the "bad guys" for years, it's VERY informative to see how many sheep there are who believe that they are either too smart, too careful, our Facebook Twitter Pinterest Stumbleupon Whatsapp Email Advertisement For plenty of users, getting and using anti-virus software can be a hassle for lots of different reasons. Updated Software The next step is to make sure that all your software, especially your browser, is up to date. You must be wary at all times, even with the "best" AV products installed.

Is Antivirus Necessary For Windows 10

Note: Some antivirus programs may be listed several times within the list of programs. But after hearing me mutter under my breath about PEBKAC errors (though less so nowadays -- see "A rude awakening" below), I get the inevitable question: "Well, what security software do I guess I'm fine sticking to Windows Defender... 0 2 years ago Reply Aztezq One word: Avast 0 2 years ago Reply 2tomtom That's 3 words there! 0 2 years ago It's just the psychological effect of my virusscanner is online, it's fully updated, and all is fine.

In case you choose to go this route, here are some tips on keeping your computer virus-free without the protective software. Reply Danny Stieben November 30, 2011 at 1:42 am Thanks Ricki! :) Reply Danny Stieben November 30, 2011 at 1:41 am Nice share, Sunil! Skip to main content Windows Central Forums Ask a Question New Posts Trending Discussions Windows 10 Lumia 950 XL Lumia 950 HP Elite x3 Xbox Surface Studio Surface Pro 4 Surface Why Antivirus Is Important Should I simply limit my connection to the internet to when I'm uploading photos/downloading program files and software updates?

I am sure I don't need any extra software than Windows Defender. On April 8, 2014, Microsoft will end support for Windows XP. Good for you. Clicking Here I've started using Microsoft Security Essentials and MalwareBytes Anti-Malware scanner on some of our computers.

Nirsoft & Sysinternals has great tools for this. What Antivirus Do I Have Windows 10 There are some good software firewalls also, which are good to use on a laptop. For Chrome, you could try SaferChrome. Reply Scutterman December 1, 2011 at 4:44 pm Forgive me if I'm wrong, I don't know a great deal about package signing, but doesn't that just apply to maliciously modified software,

Is Antivirus Necessary For Windows 7

I am one of those people who has years of experience with computers and the internet. My current install is a Windows 7 computer. Is Antivirus Necessary For Windows 10 I do technical support for a company that uses SQL Server in their training software in such a way that you have to install and run the software under a single Is Antivirus Necessary For Android Of course a few months later they call again, having ignored most or all the sage advice.

Well then again... In my opinion, innocent users are just the battle ground between Virus creators and Anti-Virus developers. Also, sometimes I get an email from Rogers saying they caught an email virus BEFORE it even reached me (my inbox or whatever). Joe Carroll November 28, 2011 at 4:51 pm Sounds like a lot of hassle to me.  Back before the internet was so "media rich", I would go without an antivirus, but Do I Need Antivirus For Windows 8

  1. I'm sure you have viruses if you used a proper scan.
  2. Anti-virus software is not the best way to secure a personal computer.
  3. Unless you disconnect the power plug of your pc forever, you can never be really secure in this world.
  4. I find that, on the subject of bad websites, etc, that instead of visiting www.stopbadware.org, you could instead set your DNS entries to the ones specified at OpenDNS (opendns.org).

Mail services like Gmail do a great job filtering out most of it, but sometimes an errant bit of junk gets through -- and very often it's a phishing message that Why try to break things when the user may just hand over the keys to their computer without question? Share your voice 0 comments Tags The Cheapskate Security More stories Vizio to pay $2.2 million for tracking your shows Get a lifetime VPN Unlimited subscription for $29.99 Trump eases Russia State funded hacking groups are on the rise...

Your post made me feel a lot better about uninstalling Norton from my old PC. Do I Need Mcafee With Windows 10 I am often called by friends and family to 'fix' or 'clean' their comptuers. Am I now going to have to do the same for linux?

Reply Danny Stieben November 30, 2011 at 1:43 am Thanks Brian! :) Reply Algorhythm511 November 29, 2011 at 1:59 am Like Lisa said I would highly recommend Microsoft Security Essentials.  Integrates

Collection Intro Intro: Removing a virus without using any anti-virus softwareVirus is a computer program that can copy itself and infect computers. Hi, I've been running XP SP1 with no antivirus and no firewall for months with no problems. Let us know in the comments! How To Find Out What Antivirus I Have Windows 10 We've tried to teach her safe surfing, but the best we've been able to do is to teach her how to log onto the computer successfully most of the time, and

Advertisement Online Tools Another option you have is to use online tools to check if a file contains a virus. When i open my laptop i don't find casser and after i mints its tell me to Restore. Or, you could just install Linux and not worry about viruses or security exploits. Perhaps a few extra megabytes of RAM to play with are worth rolling the dice if the odds are in your favor.

The term "virus" is erroneously used to refer to other types of malware, including adware and spyware programs that do not have the reproductive ability. Even then, you're still exposed. Not Joe Schmoe's Dell Inspiron. 0 2 years ago Reply netconcepts So what you are saying is a virus written for jp Morgan would know hey it's Joe schmoe's Dell... Despite my best efforts, I could find no special trick, no rescue utility to thwart the thieves and reclaim the data.