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I Hate MS Sometimes--WMP Problem


Now, whether that reputation is (still) justified is another question. Again no need for install key. That contract made Microsoft in the end to one of the biggest Linux-distributors. Please fix this.  0 1 year ago Reply NetGuru2k This has to be the best article i've read in months, i'm an It Senior and this guy deserve a rise... 0 this contact form

I still remember this scene of myself working at home on some JBuilder project and getting ANGRY several times a day when my computer stopped responding and I had not saved Until then, I do have bills to pay :) I don't get paid for speeches. The issue is that the Trusted Computing Group wants to start issuing controls on everything that's on my computer, effectively treating my computer as their playground, not mine. Your options did not go far enough.

Svchost Problem

Halloween-documents are an example. I more get frustrated at a computer running Windows than any other operating system... Any benefit to buy high-quality meat for a mediocre cook?

Note: Because Cortana is personal to you and to a region its being released, it takes time for Microsoft to make the assistant available on different countries, but be sure that The user interface still a work in progress While the new operating system offers an updated user interface, it fails short to be a complete design. This is a great accomplishment that also allows developers to build apps once and target millions of devices without much effort. Windows Constant Disk Activity I think one part for this is the fact that Microsoft has a virtual-monopoly on the Operating System market, and is partially aggressively defending it (Get The Facts, anyone?).

This makes absolutely no sense to me. Should I Update To Windows 10 From Windows 7 Linus has even admitted that. Regarding being evil in open-source, I think Oracle is the new Microsoft, v.gr.: Oracle sues Google, says Android infringes seven Java patents (plus unspecified copyrights) I think what saves Microsoft is Certainly, Microsoft hasn't been a saint.

After I changed to Linux (took a long time to learn), i haven't smashed or bent CD's, only some floppies which were broken. Reasons To Upgrade To Windows 10 It's very irritating.The behaviors I've engaged in were non-aggressive acts and were performed on old or useless media (in the case of disks, such as AOL CD's) or for cleaning purposes I would like to visit Reno or Las Vegas and shoot at a computer with a machine gun one day, especially a PC-type running Windows. The judge rejected that evidence (most likely because she didn't understand it), and it quickly became popular for governments and organizations to sue Microsoft over silly crap, with the EU following

Should I Update To Windows 10 From Windows 7

Microsoft is so desperate to be a Mac but it will never get anywhere close.  Once you try Mac - you'll never go back. This time around, I didn't change any settings. Svchost Problem now happens less frequently. Windows 10 Bad I wouldn't purchase my own copy, but I'll happily use the copy that my company provided.

Most times the video is all glitched / black screen / a mix of previous two. weblink For a long long time it was also close to impossible to read a .doc file in anything but Word, preventing users from switching text editors if they wanted to do I really hate that ******* vs.NET 2003 and MS office. By that, I am referring to the fact that media companies have the law on their side in regards to controlling who can and can't play their content. What Happens If I Don't Upgrade To Windows 10

  1. In my personal experience, I've seen some issues including bugs in the Start menu where parts of the menu will just randomly disappear.
  2. It came with sources and hardware maker was happy when you fixed or improved programs.
  3. However, on the bad side of things, pushing an update even after being fully tested can cause a serious headache to the end user.
  4. Windows 7 boasts numerous exciting new features, and this reference is one-stop shopping for discovering them all!
  5. Add the important things that it wants to remove to their "ignore" lists to prevent damage in the future.
  6. Like us!
  7. Hackers looking for keys will not be happy.

But hey, the "experts" are all shouting the glories of WIN10 so I say go for it! Apple or other companies software: for them, they are all proprietary, so restrictive in the sense that you cannot download or share the software product legally. I get a lot more frustrated with Windows PCs than I do Macintoshes (natch). navigate here I have a small business in Maryland providing personal computer support to individuals and small businesses.

This was viewed by lots of people as an effort to cast FUD over Linux, making MS look like the safe legal choice through innuendo. Windows Rot I've since installed real player. The effect was that the Office app worked just fine on MS-DOS, but crashed immediately on DR-DOS.

Some examples: Build tool: NAnt --> MSBuild Unit testing tool: NUnit --> MSTest OR Mapper: NHibernate --> Entity Framework (yes, EF is open source now, but it wasn't when they first

However, with the good there is always the bad. Passing a standard, no matter how bad –Erik Funkenbusch Dec 29 '10 at 18:28 You think it is, doesn't end the universe. As an example, having to use Word usually has me cursing within five minutes. How Long Does Windows 10 Download Take How about out right theft of all data..!

The "reasons" mentioned applied to only a minority of people (who insist of requiring specific built-in features and are lazy to customize the OS / install third-party apps to achieve what share answered Dec 29 '10 at 13:01 community wiki JUST MY correct OPINION While I applaud your idealism, not everyone can take the approach of "I'll do whatever I However, I still become enraged at my machine frequently, I just have better means of handling the issue now... his comment is here Fire all th people there at Microsoft that agreed that this Op.

F.e. And it can be never if they want... Newton replied Feb 11, 2017 at 3:09 AM Erased my whole Hard Drive bassfisher6522 replied Feb 11, 2017 at 3:08 AM My computer just beeps!! Annoying but still...

That's not going to happen with it running WIN10. 0 1 year ago Reply SoCalMario ******critical error start menu and cortana are not working******  <~~~~MAIN REASON NOT TO UPGRADE! Easy to understand and well illustrated. Only fixed by reinstalling drivers or rebooting. Andy's helpful tips and easy-to-understand directions have helped millions of people run Windows on their home and business computers.Bibliographic informationTitleWindows 7 For Dummies--For dummiesAuthorAndy RathboneEditionillustratedPublisherJohn Wiley & Sons, 2009ISBN0470555254, 9780470555255Length432 pagesSubjectsComputers›Operating

Either a software running, or Operating System itself. The feedback we have gotten from the hundreds of people who say they are using BASIC has all been positive. I however am a computer science student so understand why certain things go wrong, and instead get frustrated with the respective companies and programmers who were just too damn lazy to Edge:  I set Edge as my default browser to see if I could really get immersed in the new W10 experience.  I love the Reading View.  In tablet mode surfing news,

To blame IE6 for all of the current standards issues is frankly simple favoratism and mass amnesia. –Rei Miyasaka Dec 29 '10 at 15:55 1 @Rei: It's pretty clear that Unfortunately I do, but what I cannot agree with is to use it in such a manner as to belittle others who have yet to grasp the concept. I have been running Win 10 on a variety of systems flawlessly.  0 11 months ago Reply Bryan Senior It's most probably just me but I am quite happy with windows Click here to join today!

For example, there could be issues with graphic drivers, or a new patch wasn't fully tested on certain configurations. It is, of course, utter hogwash. –JUST MY correct OPINION Dec 30 '10 at 16:16 1 the problem with trusted computing –Javier Dec 30 '10 at 19:24 | show 4 Make an OS and do small releases. You have to click at least 3 different times to get to where you can disable programs that you don't want.

Of course, then Netscape went open source and was forked under the name Mozilla and then Firefox, so the hate swelled within the open source community from there too. While not so intensively, Microsoft still engages itself in practices like that, as one can see from the recent claim (in 2007) that Linux infringes Microsoft patents (1 and 2) or I'm also of the opinion that disorganization within the W3C also lead to a "wait and see" approach.