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HP PhotoGallery Install Error

HP Restore OS- was upgraded to XP or 2000

htj log: pc is creeping slow

Hypertrm file missing

HVR-1950 Tuner and Windows 7 Ultimate

I am haveing trouble viewing files within my home network

I blocked my own access to a network folder

I borked my system (MB mainly)

I cannot build a lan between a win2k pc & a winXP pc

I can't access to the workgroup

I can not do msconfig

I can't change my display colours or theme

I can't boot windows 7

I can't fricken boot windows 7

i cant access main user account

I cannot establish if I have an SCSI driver Windows 7 SP1 32 Bit

I can't adjust my brightness through any means!

I cant download windows updates !

I can't open any Computer folders my computer

I can't change Windows Themes.

I cannot install MS critical updates

I cannot keep REGEDIT open!

I can't open any files.

I can't get into msconfig/regedit/or system restore

i cant see my brother pc shared files ?

I cant start my PC - Windows wont start - missing root system 32 file

I cant use windows update!

I deleted the default admin account in Windows 7 but this caused a problem

I can't get to MSCONFIG on Windows 2000. Help?

I Disabled Hibernation

I dont have disc!

I Can't Repair or re-Install Windows 7

I can't update my Windows!

I Can't Open File Folders On My Desktop!

I found how to remove viruses on NTFS when OS will NOT run

I forgot my Windows 7 password!

i faced a priblem while upgrading from windows XP to windows 7

I got crash dump problem

i have 4gb of ram. will xp run it?

I have a boot problem

I have no administrator rights

I have an HP PC running XP (over Vista).

I Forgot my User Log-On Password

i have no icons or start bar? but explorer.exe is running?

I have to register windows everytime I start up-Any ideas?

I just reformatted.

I just reformatted my computer and.

I have problems in updating my windows 7

I Lost 5 Gig by changing Bios from USER to Auto.what happened?

I have no drivers

I just formatted my computer and reinstalled Windows 7

I lost my CD

i have windows7

I know pc`s aren`t free but.

i have no sound card

I just reformatted and I have no ethernet driver and no internet to get one? help me


I miss Msconfig!

I log onto my computer and instantly logoff

I need help. (Windows 7)

I need help with booting up windows 7

I Need to Lock Desktop settings.

I Need To Install Earlier Version Of Windows On Laptop With Broken DVD Drive

I reinstalled WIndows XP - now laptop freezes at startup after "reinstall"?

i need to set up my two vista computer to see each other

I reformatted.and now.

i recently just got windows 7 and my mobile huawie 3g broadband wont work?help

i want to scan my disk for errors when i restart

I try to log on and Windows XP Media immediately logs me off

I want to get windows 7

I want to upgrade Windows7 32bit to Windows 7 64bit

Iastor.sys virus

Iastor0 Error in Event Viewer(Computer Freezes)

icon on taskbar

icons flickering in windows 7 starter

icon in taskbar

icons all wrong! easy fix?

IBM 600 running XP/ with a split hard drive C:/D:

Icons on desktop have no picture

Icons dissapearing and Start Menu not accesible.

Icon's window's 7

icon problem:displaying incorrectly

Icons show connected by LAN but no browser

i tried to upgrade to windows 7 by mounting the iso

Icons displayed incorrectly

Icons Problem

Icons - what program do they open in by default?

Icons/Wallpaper/Recent Docs/Favorite Links Disappearing

IBM Thinkpad Freezes for a few seconds everylittle while for some reason.HJT log

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